Greetings and well met


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Greetings and well met

:scared: I wonder if my nerves can take this... *takes a deep breath*
Greetings, good fellows of the SPF! Everyone who knows me online calls me Murg, so you can do so too. A full-time geek from Finland, at your service. I have been lurking around here for quite a while, and have been playing Diablo 2 since it came out.
Recently my gaming time has been eaten up completely by the devilish replacement life called Neverwinter Nights multiplayer. I believe I even had the pleasure to play with Mr Bigglesworth from these same forums, for a while.

Earlier this week I installed D2 again after a short hiatus and decided it might be time to make myself known around here, since it's by far one of the nicest forums I've seen to date.
So here I am, slowly but surely making my way through Normal Act 1 with my brand new Holy Freeze zealot, Rastan. And neglecting my studies completely, but that's quite irrelevant. :p

This is getting a bit long, so I'll just end here. *bows and runs away*
hi! welcome to the SPF. enjoy your stay. dont be afraid of us (except watch out for the squid) and ask any questions that might be bothering you.


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Welcome to SPF :howdy:

We have sooo many people from Finland here, im from there too ;)

Check the stickied threads, FAQ and that usual stuff, visit EMB and have fun :)


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Welcome, and remember that D2 is an addiction. We hold weekly meetings for those who need support.

Good luck with the zealot!


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Dacar92 said:
Welcome, and remember that D2 is an addiction. We hold weekly meetings for those who need support.

Good luck with the zealot!

nah :xmad: we are not addicted

welcome to the spf have fun and be nice to the elite uniques


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Welcome, merry meet, and have fun! Great place to be. Nice to see the influx of new faces around here :xparty: . Have a drink at the EMB on me. Cheers!


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Welcome to the SPF, Murg. :D

Feel free to stop by the EMB and have a drink on me. Got any particular plans with Mr. Holy Freeze? Or are you just going to sit back and see how this goes?

If you ever decide to try it, you should check out the SPF ladders. It's actually a fair amount of fun.

Welcome to the SPF :wave:
I will bet a large sum of money that you will enjoy your time here and if you don't we could always blame Durf for it :D
We normally would warn you about Solo, but he hasn't been around for a while now, your shins will be very happy about that :)



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Hey Murg, welcome to our little corner of cyberspace.

And just because you're all talking about it: Why ARE there so many Finns on this board? Is that Durf's fault or did I miss something in the membership req'ts? :p

Enjoy the party, don't encourage the squid, don't get between Seryant and the pinball machine and don't worry about the 2-headed squirrel cuz I'm not convinced it's real.