Greetings and Salutations


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Greetings and Salutations

I've been reading the forums here for a while. I probably would have just gone on sucking up the knowledge available here but as a reader I have found myself wanting to chime in on the various discussions that go on here.Thing is I have once in the past spoke without this sort of formal introduction and wound up feeling like I was persona non grata. So here I am.
Anywho, I've played diablo for a long time. My first character was a Warrior if that tells ya anything. That being said though I have obviously not yet learned everything and that's probably what still makes me keep come back here. I play 1.11 with RWM and yes I still twink. I still haven't played every build to the hilt so I still like the help if I can give it to myself..
So folks I hope we get along. I'll help were I can look forward to ypur advice. And oh I've gone ahead and had my shins surgically removed so don't try it... lol

Fists of Legend

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Welcome to the forum. :wave: Here is a pair of shin guards with goalie pads and 12" concrete blocks attached. I know they are a little heavy but they do the trick against the shin kickers. Since you have been around a while you know to read or have already read the stickies and you know to watch out for the squid. If you ever see him, let us squid hunters at the EMB know and we will try to take care of him. Tell us a little more about yourself and you will get extra cookies in w_m patented goodie basket. Mommy cookies. That reminds me.

Stop by the EMB some time and have a beer on me. I'll be there in a bit scarfing down some cookies.


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Welcome. Welcome!

May spears never pierce your innards!

Beware the Giant Squid - he likes long time lurkers!!



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hello and welcome. i know how you feel tho, most ppl take a look at when i joined and then my post count and kinda go huh? :shocked: but i was the same way, a long time reader and not very long time poster. and watch out for FoL, i hear he's passing out duped beer at the bar :rolleyes: hehe, *burp


Welcome DeaconBlue. Looks like all shinkickers are away. Keep this super Rejuvenation Potion and use it when they are around.

*hand a big purple bottle to DeaconBlue*


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Welcome to the Forum!

It's always nice to see Lurkers to go out from the shadows and join the SPF, and even better with a proper introduction like yours.

Enjoy your time here, have a drink on the EMB, check the DooL for RL situations and have fun!


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Spearthrower said:
Beware the Giant Squid - he likes long time lurkers!!
I've never seen the Squid post... maybe he is a lurker?

Welcome DeaconBlue! All advice seems to have been given that was needed...

JinXX said: out for FoL, i hear he's passing out duped beer at the bar...


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Wlcome DeaconBlue!

*kinda kicks Deacon's shin, not very hard though. More like a friendly shinkick.

Stay away from cookies, all kind of cookies. Whenever there is cookies, the shinkickers are close. The real hard kicking, making-your-shin-a-bloody-mess, professional shinkickers. Have/make fun at the SPF and behave.

And don't forget to blame Durf.



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Thanks folks.

FoL : Thanks for the shinguards but as I said I've read this forum a while and am therefore quite aware of the rampant shinkicking. That's why as i pointed out I have taken the proactive step of having said shins surgically removed. Just knees and feet here Bub! Embarassing when I try to run though...Oh well

Spearthrower : Thx, I'm also hope that spears never peirce my innards.Come to think of it I try to avoid innard peircing in all its forms really. The GS likes long time lurkers? Thats ok I like calamari.

Suiling : Many thanks for the super rejuv.I hear if you mix it with enough Jose quervo it becomes a potion of invunerability, til the following morning anyways.

Arreat Mercenary : Was I proper? Darn I try to avoid that where possible. Don't worry It won't happen again.Thx for the drink offer I may have to take that up and the rest is duly noted.

SiTro : You may be on to something. Personally I've never seen the squid and a lurker together at the same time. Food for thought.

Jaedhann : Ouch, that was my thigh. I may have to rethink this shinless thing.I'll keep my eyes open while eating the cookies, I like cookies, so thanks for the heads up.oh and of course it's always Durfs fault :D

Anywho a little more about myself. I've spent most of my D2 career on Bnet. I only moved to SP a few months ago. I spend(t) most of my time magicfinding generally and it being the solitary persuit that it is the move to sp was pretty natural. I am most versed in the use of Barbs and Bowazons but have been known to toy with the random sorc or pally now and again. Druids, necros and assassins don't seem to hold my attention for very long though. Who knows.

To wrap up thanks for the welcome folks. I look forward to chatting with you all.


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Welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goodies and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin/thigh kickers, it's a good thing really. (a way to say "now that you can't move from your chair, spend more time playing and chatting with us!") Read the SPF FAQs if you haven't. I think everybody about covered everything, so here's your extra cookies, there are always more to be had at the EMB.


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*walks into thread*
dam got a papper cut

welcome to forum

*kicks DeaconBlue shins*
(boots with smasihing defence of coures so all defence is destroyed

beat you again nebux, maybe i should take your place:laugh: :hide: