Greetings and questions...


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Greetings and questions...

As I said in my introduction I have browsed around here for a long time and finally decided to join. This particular board is the reason why! Having played in bnet a long time I have decided to switch back to single player for various reasons. I do enjoy playing with others I just like to turn on the computer and play sometimes without all the irritation of the internet, lag, etc. Anyways, I have a couple of questions for you all!

I noticed you all play multiplayer games sometimes how exactly do you all do that? Open Bnet?

I have never ever traded but now that I will be playing solo most of the time this might be a good idea and I see that you single player people out there do some trading. How exactly is that accomplished?

I'm sure I will have more but until then thanks!


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First of all welcome to the SPF :thumbsup:

Be sure to read the sticky, that way, you're sure to not get in any trouble :lol:

As for your multiplayer question, we play TCP/IP game with post in a stickied thread in the SPF. I don't think a lot of persons here are playing open


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Trading is done through ATMA. There's a sticky for it. If you haven't already downloaded it, you'll want to do that now for easy muling and trading of mules. The ATMA thread can answer any questions you have once you've got it installed.

Its not a bad idea to spend some time getting to know people here before you start trading. We are a strictly legit bunch, so its better to trade with someone who has been around at least a little while and has a good reputation.

Personally, I never trade or take giveaways. Everything item I use is found by me.


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Welcome to the forums:) Enjoy your stay.

Piscene said:
Personally, I never trade or take giveaways. Everything item I use is found by me.
I'm with Piscene on this one it makes the game far more enjoyable when you know that you have accomplished it all. Also there is risk involved in trading...that said this is probably one of the safest places to trade items around so good luck!.


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hi my name's durf i like beer and eat squid on a regular basis

Welcome! :D

TCP/IP games are definitely the way to go for MP purposes here. I'd love to join more of them but time zones and a lack of playing time in general keep me from that activity . . .


welcome to the boards, hope you'll enjoy this forums as i do.

there's not much left for me to say about your questions. with one exception, though... if you trade with different people (ie. not between your own characters), you might send the ATMA file of a mule carrying the items to that person's e-mail and delete the file after they confirm they received it. i don't trade though...
Hi, welcome to the SPF. Have some Water_moon cookies, and a farting bob shin kick!
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Oh, and we play IP games. check the MP thread and ask there for more info if your intersted in playing, or want to host a game.


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Welcome to the SPF, ignore rev.bob and enjoy this goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant while checking out the EMB (where Durf is a rum soaked cookie-man) and the tourney threads. Enjoy!