Greed and lazyness kills.......whats new?


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Greed and lazyness kills.......whats new?

Had the rather unfortunate expierience of watching a poor lazy soul die last night. The fellow a Necro was quiet for most of the run when this Pally, a PK I had ran into all day was rushing him. Boy the Pally was all nice and mannered to him, thanking him for his shinny rune from froge which the Necro kindly paid for his work simply to get a trapped portal in CS.

The sad part of this situation was that I told the Necro he was a PK and to be carefull. The poor Necro even hesitated a LOOOOONG time before taking that portal and even said "i dont think its safe as you lost life while putting it up" The said PK expected the Necro to take his TP first then he would follow OF COURSE which was the big sign that it was bad as another stupid TP is easy and cheap to put up.

Unfotunately this poor Necro dies to some "Super Duper Nooblers" weak as theiving ways and I felt rather sad about the ordeal not just the death but the fact the poor guy just knew it was trapped but GREED made him do it.

He waited so long, and was contemlating so long I have a feeling he was going to go in so I partied after he looted me.....I didnt know him, went to act 4 and as I was going to take the TP with my 4500 Life IK Barb for long as I dont swing I should be able to escape, but no jsut as I get to Act 4 I see him go in and die.

Well.......he saved my "good natured" self from taking that bad TP but he didnt save himself.

It is a damn shame there are so many low life pieces of crap in this game!


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and another one has fallen to the lame people on bnet :( sad to hear that, well maybe the bad charisma from being rushed right? still kinda lame if the rusher takes the rune and then pk's you.. no point in that IMO



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the guy is full of it, Yes. But being cheap at this game doesn't make someone a low life... piece of crap on the other hand... ;)


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There is never an excuse for being an *** to someone that doesnt deserve it!
While I agree with you, I bet that this guy never takes a TP from someone he doesn't know again. Or give up the hellforge because he's lazy. Sure the guy who did it to him was a jerk, but guess what? Jerks are abundant on B-net and now this poor necro understands that.