Greatest invention since sliced bread...


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Greatest invention since sliced bread...

So yea first there was the general surfing on the Internet.

Then came the OTF.

Then Google Video and Youtube.

I am always facinated what I find when I just randomly search for things.

Todays winner.


I am into this wierd eclectic type of music so it really facinated me but the whole video was very interesting. Oh and the blonde chick wasn't too hard to look at neither.

Take a peek. Warning it is a bit longer than most videos out there at 9 mins.



Watch the movie before going any further!


I Mean it there be a spoiler below.

The toothbrushes kinda sickened me out.



I would have liked it more if the music wasnt made in a studio and added afterwards.

Like that 5 man band who would just run around a car with an open hood with drum sticks and drumming on different parts of it at the same time making really good music.

And the guy on the TV is talking Swedish.


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That was super cool. Who cares if the sounds were added later. The performance was perfect and if they'd done the sound live it wouldn't have sounded so good.


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Oh, I saw that on TV a while ago (I think it was about a year). I like the bit in the living room the best.