Greatest book ever?


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NightShade said:
Saying one book is greater than another is really not possible, I've read through stuff...thought it was trash. My friend who is almost exactly like me, loved it....Go figure.
I think he;s looking for opinions here. Not a "right" answer.

1984 is the best I've read to date. I've still a long list of books to read (a few classics) that might bump this novel off the top spot though!


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stormrage112345 said:
:rolleyes: For greatest book ever, I nominate "The Catcher in the Rye".
Are you kidding ? "The catcher.." is complete crap
1984 is average , Heart Of Darkness is rather good..


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The greatest book I have read to date is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Closely followed by Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.


siddhartha by hermann hesse
die kunst des liebens by erich fromm
der golem by gustav meyrink
sterntagebücher by Stanislav Lem

the entire disc world serie by terry pratchett

sry if i dont know all the english titles, but i m german :p


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Clockwork Orange
Grapes of Wrath
Lord of the Flies

Canterbury Tales get an honorable mention

Ash Housewares

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not the best book ever, but the only thing I've actually read recently of my own free will

Archer's Tale

pretty good book


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DurfBarian said:
My favorite that I've read so far this year is Child of God by Cormac McCarthy. It's one of his earlier works and not nearly as good as his later stuff (the Border trilogy, Blood Meridian) but still a great read. I'm really looking forward to his new book coming out this summer.

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MAN totally forgot Blood Meridian. That is another book I love. Gory symbolism is great.


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ew I hated blood meridian... though it might have been because I had a sadistic literature professor that assigned 3 books a week... due to a test and a paper, I had to read it in one night...

I'll tell you the WORST book I've ever read. "As I Lay Dying"
God I hated that book, with its "My mother is a fish" and its "one lick less one lick less", I was about ready to lick faulkner by the time I finished reading it...


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mmm The Fountainhead,
I like Harry Potter too..

Those are the some of the only books I've picked up a second (or third, etc) time to read.

I really do need to read more books though :)