Great Diablo Movie!

iamscottbowdown said:
yup, that was pretty much how it was for my poor pally as well ;)
Really? I used to be able to slaughter at least 3 or 4 cows before I wore my Pally's weapon out. That's if I took them on one at a time.


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I saw that video a long time ago except it was in japenese and there was no annoying music. I say the japenese version is better.


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a movie like that for V1.10 would be almost the same except that the paladin would be dishing out death to baal's minions with his hammers, the sorceress casting meteor over, and over, and over. the necro would still be playing cards. the barbarian trying desperatley to get a kill. And finally the amazon, druid and assasin are nowhere to be seen. :p

EDIT: oh and the paladin would win instead of the sorc


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Yeah... I remember a Korean version of that exact same movie was linked to in It was pre-expansion, and I really doubt the Japanese author listed in the credit is the actual author. Can anyone who saw this thing in Japanese like HimuraKenshin92 said he did confirm this? When did the Jap version come out?
In case anyone didn't know, Korean anime have the same style as Jap anime. Plus, D2 never did it for the Jap gamers. PC MP in Jap is almost nonexistant.

Btw, did the Jap version have voice acting and text bubbles? The Korean version did.


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That's far, far too accurate.

I'd love to see an updated version with the Assassin plotting tactical nuke strikes from afar, and the Druid summoning things, using fire, and transforming... and losing.


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I remember this way back........agree that the original was better.....that way you could make up your own stories :D

Still good for a laugh though.... :clap:


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MixedVariety said:
Really? I used to be able to slaughter at least 3 or 4 cows before I wore my Pally's weapon out. That's if I took them on one at a time.
Yah right! 3-4, you must be a HAXOR!!! Of course i was a defiance paladin. Best Cow moment with him was when all i could see on the screen were cows except one corner. The cows couldnt kill me too fast because of defense, blocking, leech, and lotsa pots. So im getting low on pots so i manage to type "Help" while still swinging. My friend comes over with his paladin, and i could see him the the one corner still visable. He hits one cow with zeal, then runs away. Needless to say i died, and within seconds another friend got there and destroyed them with his sorc. One of his orbs i bearly got a glimpse of before I died. It was really funny at the time.


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I've watched so much anime that i even know some words just from hearing them and then seeing the sub for it. I remember hearing japenese words. Of course that was a really long time ago and i could be mistaken.


That rap music was so annoying. Id like my Diablo2 without rapping please. And the paladin using zeal so much. That was funny. :clap: never played pre 1.09.


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this is odd. there are a bunch of numbers counting down but it just loops these numbers counting down. I just downloaded the most recent flash player but it still does this. I use Netscape navigaotr if that helps.


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i searched through newgrounds and found the cow run movie... seems that newgrounds took it down tho...