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Grave encounters with Tichondrius - PvP bonemancer

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Gripphon, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Gripphon

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    Sep 11, 2009
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    [​IMG] Tichondrius's wife, miss of zombieland

    Hello again. This time I've decided to introduce my PvP bonemancer. Took some time today to upgrade him since I built him differently and deliberately with lowish damage output. Now I changed that. There is no need for long introduction, everyone knows what bonemancer is and how he looks like. See pic above, that is his wife, and she IS the more beautiful half in that epic relationship.

    Tichondrius is named after dreadlord from Warcraft.

    Character name: Tichondrius
    Class: Necromancer
    Level: 96
    Build: Bonemancer
    Power Level: Frieza makes him a dinner

    Stat Points:
    90 (174)
    Dexterity: 35 (45-65)
    Vitality: rest
    Energy: base, not important

    20 Teeth
    20 Spear
    20 Spirit
    20 Wall
    18 Prison
    1 Summon Resist
    1 Fire Golem
    1 Amplify Damage
    1 other prereqs

    Took 1 into Amplify for team battles or for trolling in FFA, not sure does summon resist really help or not, and rest is straightforward for maximum gain per invested point.


    Tichondrius has several setups depending on situation. Mostly and almost entirely only used setup is DR setup with CoA helm. Situations when you don't need DR are very rare, but even when they happen, I still tend to stay with that setup cuz I'm lazy to get to stash to change. Additional setup is with 50% DR, but that setup has its weaknesses which I will address. Vita setup basically means replacing CoA with 1.13 Shako to get more life and more importantly damage and mana. Possibly last setup is with option to stack cold resist for cold sorcs, but I never used it.

    Main setup: 39% DR

    Life: 3391 (with Oak 4062)
    Mana: 1139
    Spirit: 4373-4663 (768 pvp dmg)
    Spear: 4263-4483 (743 pvp)
    Teeth: 927-1168 (178 pvp)
    Bone Armor: 810
    DR: 39%
    FCR: 125
    FHR: 97

    Helm: BerBer CoA
    Body: Enigma LP
    Amulet: 2/10/[email protected]/75PLR crafted
    Death Eye
    Required Level: 89
    Fingerprint: 0x180e1fb4
    Item Level: 93
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    +2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
    +10% Faster Cast Rate
    +24 to Mana
    Regenerate Mana 7%
    All Resistances +20
    Poison Length Reduced by 75%
    Weapon: [email protected] hoto
    Shield: 35fcr/112mana
    Belt: Arachnid Mesh
    Rings: 2x beta BKWB
    Gloves: Magefist (Trang Claws in reserve)
    Boots: 40frw/37FR/32LR/6PR/6rep/11life crafted
    Bone Greaves
    Light Plated Boots
    Defense: 9
    Durability: 10 of 18
    Required Level: 65
    Required Strength: 50
    Fingerprint: 0x34d8ae2e
    Item Level: 65
    Version: Expansion
    +40% Faster Run/Walk
    2% Life stolen per hit
    +11 to Life
    Replenish Life +6
    Lightning Resist +32%
    Fire Resist +37%
    Poison Resist +6%
    Switch: 14bo cta and spirit

    6 skillers: 28 life, 24 life, 20 life, 2x 6 strength and 1 with FHR
    Allresist: 42/18 GC, 28/15 GC, 19/5 SC
    Fire resist: 20/11, 20/11, 20/10
    Lightning resist: 20/11
    Life/Mana: 20/14, 19/16, 19/16, 16/17, 17/17, 34/58 GC

    There are few important points to hit. 125 fcr is one, 86 fhr is second. Next, I value 40 FRW on boots a lot because it is needed to walk out of nasty trap situations with wsg much easier than if you use slower boots + it makes some matches easier. If I didn't trade for these boots, I'd use Aldur's over anything else. Both rings are flexible, one ring I usually replace for Ravenfrost when wind druid is around, and other ring is basically there to be replaced with fcr ring or some absorb which I didn't use still.

    50% DR setup:

    Life: 3351 (with Oak 4036)
    Mana: 1178
    Spirit: 3919-4186 (689 pvp)
    Spear: 3643-3837 (636 pvp)
    Teeth: 800-1016 (154 pvp)
    Bone Armor: 770
    DR: 50%
    FCR: 125
    FHR: 107
    Replenish Life: 39

    Helm: BerBer CoA
    Body: Enigma LP
    Amulet: 1/20 crafted
    Wraith Scarab
    Required Level: 63
    Fingerprint: 0x70a1cace
    Item Level: 93
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    +1 to Necromancer Skill Levels
    +20% Faster Cast Rate
    Adds 1 - 3 Cold Damage Over 2 Secs (50 Frames)
    5% Mana stolen per hit
    +17 to Mana
    Regenerate Mana 4%
    Weapon: [email protected] hoto
    Shield: 35fcr/112mana
    Belt: 14dr/13rep/40vita Dungo
    Rings: 2beta BKWB, rare ring 10fcr/13str/30life/56mana/[email protected]/24PR
    Raven Knot
    Required Level: 48
    Fingerprint: 0x39b88905
    Item Level: 86
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    +10% Faster Cast Rate
    +13 to Strength
    +30 to Life
    +56 to Mana
    All Resistances +9
    Poison Resist +24%
    Gloves: Magefist (Trang Claws in reserve)
    Boots: 40frw/37FR/32LR/6PR/6rep/11life crafted

    Switch: 14bo cta and spirit

    Everything is the same

    When you replace Arachnid with Dungo, you have to make up for FCR loss. You will either use 2x fcr rings + fcr amulet, or will use 20 fcr amulet + fcr ring. I don't have better 20 fcr amulet with necro skills, but this plain does the job. But, because of that, drop of damage is obvious, but not relevant.

    Vs Windy:

    There is specific strategy on how to give headache to windy, and that is by walking out of his tornadoes. For that you need CBF and best option is to use Ravenfrost instead of one of the rings. Removing beta BKWB makes your damage slightly lower, but enough. Only question here is, what is the best to use: go for 50% DR which means to reduce damage to 582 on Spear, or to stay 39% DR, but with higher damage on Spear with 690. I don't have gear to make it possible, but going from 39% to 50% DR I increase my effective life by 22%, but also reduce my damage output by 18%. I think it is better to go for 39% DR and have higher damage.

    Vs Barb/Bowa/Zealer:

    Here I think it is more profitable to go for 50% DR with slightly lower damage. You do not need Ravenfrost here and you would reduce your damage by like 10% to get 22% higher effective life. Worth it by a mile in my opinion.

    Vita Setup:

    Life: 3584 (with Oak 4255)
    Mana: 1302
    Spirit: 4487-4782 (788 pvp)
    Spear: 4418-4644 (770 pvp)
    Teeth: 958-1206 (184 pvp)
    Bone Armor: 820
    DR: 18%
    FCR: 125
    FHR: 93

    Setup is literally same as for main setup, but instead of CoA there is 1.13 Shako with Um rune. Now, someone might ask why I don't use 1.07 Shako here? I have it in stash, but I don't like to use it on nec. I like him better this way. At least moar mana! Why not circlet? Don't have anything better than Shako. Best I have is 2/20/13allres, but don't see any real profit from it.

    Also, for vita setup I have to replace 2x 6 strength skillers with 2x FHR. That makes total of 3 FHR skillers in inventory.

    Other gear options to consider:

    First of all, most important part is to consider WSG as option to get out of traps and for that it is a good idea to have maxed resistsances (at least Lightning) on switch. If you don't, when you switch, your resistances drop by 40% or whatever amount of your hoto has, and that will be really painful if traps hit you, and they will hit you then. So, for that I made this simple option:
    Head Hunter's Glory
    Troll Nest
    Defense: 548
    Chance to Block: 0
    Durability: 49 of 74
    Required Level: 75
    Required Strength: 106
    Fingerprint: 0x3bf4a2e2
    Item Level: **
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    +387 Defense
    +316 Defense vs. Missile
    All Resistances +44
    Lightning Resist +35%
    Fire Resist +20%
    Poison Resist +31%
    +7 Life after each Kill
    3 Sockets (3 used)
    Socketed: Um Rune
    Socketed: Ort Rune
    Socketed: Um Rune

    If I need to wsg, I put this in switch instead of Spirit. Granted, I lose 2 skills for BO, but not having maxed resistances on switch, at least lightning, will make you dead too fast from time to time.
    Absorb gear like Wisp Projector and Dwarf Star.
    Cold stack gear of some kind, I have 20 fcr 17allres 36 CR amulet for that.
    1.07 Shako if you like to play it really tanky.


    Depends on what kind of opponents you play against and also what do you prefer. Necro is one of those builds that don't need block. He can fight anything that does physical damage and win with vita style. Also, vita style makes you stronger against spellcasters and makes you do more damage and have more mana. Block setup, on the other hand, makes you super hard to kill for physical characters, but makes you much more vulnerable against some spellcasters like firesorc or other necs. If you want to 30-0 against barbs and bowazons, but be weaker against casters, go for block. If you wanna have upper hand in almost any match, go for vita.


    Quite similar as on other spellcasters I guess. If you ask me do you need like 700 pvp damage to win matches, you don't. Check my video below where is my old necro variant. That guy had 530 pvp damage on Spear. Has 50/50 vs windy check, has upper hand vs any barb check, is very hard to beat check. But, you do want your damage to be solid if possible. That lowish damage variant was my experiment and I played quite some time with him. I don't think anyone noticed what kind of damage he had really since he could beat anyone with positive score with exception of windy and firesorc where it was like 50-50 match.

    Vita necro has the upper edge in most matches as I will explain, it just depends on how you play him.

    If you like to play aggressive game and stay a lot of time on his screen, then he has slight advantage, otherwise you are the one who will win this match more times. Normally it depends on how good connection of a barb player is, but on anything above 150 ping from his side you can actually count on winning like 5 out of 6 matches comfortably if you play more defensive style. Spray Spirits around you and he will eventually get hit. When he gets you in namelock or gets on your screen, just teleport out of it. Many many times his ww stomp will fail because you teleport too fast for him to connect his first ww hit, and on top of that, his first hit will has low chance of putting you to hit recovery. If you wanna play more aggressive style, then I recommend a lot of teleporting around to prevent him from stomping you. Once he tele-ww, spray 2 Spirits on him and tele nearby. Normally such playing style will get you killed more, but it will be much more fun to play than to stay screen away and spray Spirits. If you have block, you can probably aim to win 20-0 comfortably, just don't get too cocky and don't tank when not needed because he can kill you. Apply same strategy, except you can afford to tank more. Use ponds below or next to you, that will make his life very hard when stomping you because he will whirlwind around the pond while you fill him with spirits. Make sure your armor is always up as well as Oak and you will destroy him easily unless he has superping and is playing like a master.

    Here you have to use Ravenfrost or any CBF source and use walking tactics as seen on video. If your connection is good, windy won't be able to hit you with tornado if all he does is stomp. When he gets on your screen, walk randomly (avoid walking straight up or up-right). He wil stomp, you will walk away and start spraying some combo of Teeth/Spear. Your priority is to take down his Oak and then Spear him to death. If Windy is not adaptable and will continue his stomping game, you have the upper edge in such battle. If he will teleport around you spraying tornadoes and eventually teleport in your path instead of you, then again he has the upper hand and will probably win most matches. But at least he will have to earn his dinner, right? If you don't perform walking technique, your chances of winning against good windy are very slim.

    Her projectiles are faster, have splash and do more damage, she teleports faster than you... this is the match sorc has advantage over you. You can however use some absorb to even up the playing field. Even without absorb you can win in like 1 out of 3 matches, but my point is it won't be easy and it mostly depends on who can react faster. If she telestomps you, you can try to walk in slight spiral and avoid her missiles and fight back with Spirits/Spears. Spirits stun more though. Or, you can try to teleport around until you break her namelock. If you are the one having namelock, make sure you have some spears flying her way before attempting the stomp yourself, otherwise you might tele right into Fireball spam and you will die. Have in mind Spear has lower stunning capabilities than Fire Ball, they made the spell that way. At best you have 37.5% chance to put her to hit recovery with Spear while she has 75% chance to put you in fhr with Fireball. It might not be a good idea to try to out-fhr her, but it does work sometimes. Block necro has much harder time dealing with her.

    If you have block, you should eat her alive. If you are vita, just make sure your shield is up all the time. Now, I don't know what kind of player you are, but to me defensive spraying vs bowa is super boring match for both sides and could take forever. You should try to spray some spirits her way, then make sure you have some of them follow her. She will be forced to run, and then you can use Teeth/Spear to lock her. Don't give her time to put bow out, be aggressive and you will win. I'd say if your ping is good, you should win more in this match. But, get used to a lot of teleporting, use Teeth to lock her, make Spirits follow her and teleport away to get rid of arrows if she manages to fly some your way.

    Rule number one - don't stomp them. It is too risky. I still do it, but that makes me killed. If he desynchs, you can expect him to stomp you with hammers, so perform walking around against him. That way when you see him stomp you, his hammers will miss you and you can start spraying Spears or Spirits at him (better Spears). It is quite similar concept as battling windy, except here you don't have your magnificent shield to help you out. Patience is the key here because it will take some time to take those guys down and if they know what hammerstomp is, you will have to be on your toes all the time. Don't get comfortable, they can kill you with few hammers. One wrong move can easily make you killed, especially against hammer. Beware of inivisible hammerfields.

    Use shield on switch to have maxed lightning or fire resist on switch because here you will use a lot of wsg. Wsg out of her trap attempts and out of mindblast spam, then when she teles, she will probably start to lay traps down. In that time you can either teleport out of range or make 2-3 Spirits fly her way.

    Same as vs trapper, but here be warned she will ww you when you wsg out. Better idea is to not get caught at all. This match you can't really afford to play more aggressively unless you have max block.


    Necro is strong whatever you do. I like to play him more offensively, even stomping barbs and hammerdins alike which does make me killed from time to time. Necro is strongest if you play him more defensively and wait for opponent to come to you instead. Problem is, what if opponent doesn't come? Necro is "fragile" on mana and can't spam whole day, he must be active and dangerous to profit most. Some kind of balance between defensive and offensive play is the best. You do have that Bone Armor to protect you after all.

    In the end, video of my old necro variant.
    Necro on video has slightly more life, but does ~530 Spear damage and like ~600 Spirit. Now necro is stronger on that part and more dangerous. Also video demonstrates how to battle most feared necro opponent - windy. Don't teleport like a madman, he will catch you. Put Ravenfrost on and make him mad cuz when you run around, trust me, he can't really stomp you unless you get stucked somewhere. He must change his strategy and teleport ahead of you to hit you and that is quite some work to do. Against barb I play way too offensively, but I like to play that way and don't care if I die. It is more fun after all.

    Thank you for reading.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
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    Grip, OP, surprise.
  3. NanoMist

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    Nice setups. Also, that feeling when somebody takes a ride on the IBS train.
  4. maxicek

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    Very nice Grip, as usual.

    Not really sure what the HHG does as opposed to a 4os Monarch or even a Moser's.

    It is a similar setup to my Necro, but then that isn't surprising as I asked Frozzz and yourself for advice when I respecced him. I am using a [email protected] Mara's and a FCR ring as I don't have a Grip tier FCR amulet. Also a useful reminder I need to re-spec again for CoA - I didn't have one when I last set him up.

    As an aside, I think the introduction of respecs in 1.13 really changed our ability to optimise builds up to the level Grip has. Before if you wanted to change to a Vita build, you had to build and level a new character.
  5. Gripphon

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    Thank you, guys. Yeah, I was also victim of those trains too many times. Not instakill type of victim, but you teleport somewhere and then your HP drops by 4k instantly and you are like wat happened. Fun times.

    There is no big difference between HHG, Moser's or 4 os Monarch. Their goal is to get your resistances to maximum on switch, and if you happen to have [email protected] hoto, along with Spirit that means you must get back 40 FR and 75 LR PR to have it max on the switch. It doesn't matter what way do you get that. I have chosen HHG cause it offers high defense in case I happen to teleport out with switch after wsg in case some barb tries to stomp me or bowa shoots her multishot. With Moser's you can't hit all 3 resistances to desired values, you can do something like UmOrt to at least have fire and lightning maximum and poison is less likely to affect you then anyway. 4os Monarch is 88allres easy and it covers anything. It is just that defense thing that could be useful in 1% situations or less that goes in favor of HHG.

    As for amulet, I have similar amulets like this with 10 fcr in case you need one. I think I have one with 13 allres or something like that. I also have another plain 20 fcr amulet with 1 skill. I think it is pnb skill. Let me know if you need those.
    Anyway, if you don't have 20 fcr amulet with skills, literally any plain 20 fcr amulet does the job. Necro is not that dependent on damage after all, skill more or less won't matter if you can hit other desired goals. I'd use best 20 fcr amulet without necro skills if I didn't have plain one with skills. My cold stack amulet for example does have 20 fcr, but no necro skills. I'd use it against cold sorcs in case those one shot me.

    Mara's is also fine, then combines with fcr ring, you remove option of having 50% DR and that is all. Could work perfectly fine like that. I assume most of the time you won't use 50% DR anyway. On the other hand, yes, no way around BerBer CoA unless you find a proper way to use Stormshield to get DR and to lose everything Spirit offers.

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