Graphic rendering bug


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Since i'm posting some screenshots, I thought i'd revisit some bug I mentioned couple months ago.

On a similar and not totally unrelated rendering issue, has anyone experienced scenarios where monsters that shud be rendered behind another monser is incorrectly rendered on top instead?

I havent noticed this in my previous iterations of play; and the only thing different this time around is the use of glidewrapper and singling.

Perhaps its always been there and i just havent noticed till now.
I've noticed this since I started using Glide, but it's very possible I just didn't notice them before. Does anyone else have similar problems as shown below?

There were many more occasions like these; I just didn't screen them all. I'd say I come across one every 3~4 runs?

Shrine on top of my character
Screenshot001.jpg Screenshot003.jpg Screenshot012.jpg

Infector ontop of another Venom Lord.


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Something else to add.

It only seems to occur when I left click way past the shrine and stop myself to MS with right click.
When I let go, the shrine correctly adjusts itself behind me again. o_O

This sort of reminds me of weapon switch animation canceling...