Grape's Zod God Sept - Progress and theorycraft thread


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Dat charm order yo. My eyes hurt from such perfection!
Duties of Zod God is to keep one's charms in order!

I bet they are very seriously ordered within each charm skin, which can make ordering pretty complex (I know I do it), resulting in sometimes having to reorganize everything just because of 1 new charm...
I'm not that far (yet)

I have to confess my charms were a mess during norm and nm :oops::eek:


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Janis the Tiger Striker hasn't yet left the Pits (as I haven't really made many runs there yet. I'm waiting for a time when I can make a proper long questing session and finish few acts at least with one go.)

Btw, if (and when) you don't know what the heck is that character I'm talking about (as there's sometimes bit longer gaps between playing one, there's always the first post that describes the Zod God item, build and the current level/phase)

Meanwhile between running Travi and gambling the gold, I got this:
I still try to refuse to burn my Lo runes for the next item. But, when Janis is finished and I can make BOTH the Zod God item and the Famine I've been planning for the Barb to use along with it, I may have to take my words back :p

Freddie the Dual Swinger will now go to rest and wait Janis to finish her guest and hope that she finds a rune or two
lvl 68 so he could immediately start using that Earthshaker Legendary Maller that he's wearing in that picture.

Then when playing these characters, I've also been thinking about the last character: Amazon. While Daggerzon or Impalazon both sound like a proper way to finish this sept, I don't find the options for those inspiring enough. But I'm sure the Passivezon approach with Messerschmidt's Reaver would work really well. It has got a big damage and would swing at 10 FPA at least when paired with 'Faith' merc. Decisions, decisions...

Lol, @Grape, just noticed your avatar, very sweet. Is that a daffodil for Easter?
Let's say it was :D
(although I have had it for a tad longer now..)


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So it has been couple weeks since the last update. I was nearly sucked by a black holes called 1.00 & 1.07, but got my senses back before I hit the event horizon. Back to the future it is!

Time traveling will continue though, but this sept will probably not have enough time to benefit from that. Maybe Amazon, but we'll see... (okay okay, I DID already use one 1.07 Arkaine's... twice.. eh..)

I was waiting for a proper long questing session to finish few Acts at one go with Janis the Tiger Striker, but one and a half will have to do this time:

Meeting this gang of Hound dogs, but Janis never met Elvis in the Jails

Ouch, I used my 'Lawbringer' switch here to give that Decrepify to some monsters around Andariel, but I didn't manage to immediately switch it back to Hellslayer. Well, merc and Shadow didn't enjoy the poison long, but once I noticed what was going on, Andy dropped to a few good fully charged Tiger Strikes.

Our triplet has really worked as a team so far, and each part is an important add to it. Lawbringer switch has provided to be a good way to break PIs so far, but Shadow has done a good deal also. I could also have CtA on switch, but let this Titan truly be a Titan! Besides I already use Enchant charges from Demonlimb, and that's definitely enough buffing for me.

I have started to bump my Venom now, but can't be bothered to cast it at least for now. I'm afraid it won't achieve damage that would make a difference until we meet some multi immune monsters.

It is clear that Janis dishes out the most damage out of the trio, but there's situations where she rather takes the role as a crowd controller and let's the other two to go first to the battle, leading it from the shadows... Even though she is nearing 1k life, she is quite fragile. Really have to appreciate Cloak of Shadows and Mind Blast. 'Pride' also blinds stuff (Dim Vision), along with Shadow spamming this and that, so there's quite some stuff going on all the time as far as having the enemies in order! :cool:

The Flaming Sideburst. Eh, thanks Shadow, I was trying to show how that Beatle Boy was having Conviction. My resistances are not great, but I have some switch options that will provide to be quite useful later, I'm sure.

That room. I tried to take some other screens but the battle was just too heated. Three boss backs, luckily only one aura around, which was Holy Freeze... I didn't mention yet, but one important part of the arsenal has definitely been Dragon Flight. It's great in crowded battles, when you for example want to take some isolated boss fast away, and then jump back to the other side to continue your businesses there. And also in general when moron or shadow is lacking behind.

All in all, very funny little playing session. There's definitely more to do with Assassins than some more ordinary melee chars have. Okay, if I built her really sturdy and max vita with Reaper's wielding merc all that jazz, she could probably just hold Tiger Strike and release it every now and then, but this Titan approach forces to use other skills a lot more than a tanky character would need.

Next up: Palace, Arcane Sanctuary and Duriel. Plus rune farming. Did some 1.13 Travi already but nothing yet. Well, apart from one lonely Vex.
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Proof that Janis has still been played:

Most of my D2 time has gone to Travi runs though. Runes just aren't happening, and I'm quite sure it is the longest dry streak ever for me, but I can't back that cause I haven't been using run counter. I'd love to be able to continue with Freddie right away when Janis is finished, so Travi is better to start dropping those HRs!

Tal Rasha's Tomb was much like Arcane Sanctuary; a lot of Blade Fury was used to proc a Decrepify against these. Not the fastest going, but everything stayed tight in my control throughout the tomb.

The Big Bug himself, Prince of Pain, was only pain for my merc, whom I had to resurrect once. In the end Duriel fell quite fast thanks to Janis' Strikes. Act II was played on P3 all the time.

(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Watch out boy
She'll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She's a Mind Eater!

Janis has reached Flayer Jungle WP, and everything has been fine in Act III so far. Spider Cavern around Sszark was really intense, there were many boss pack there. But CoS/MB is just so good, we didn't even sweat during that fight.

Meanwhile in Travi, a perfect eth Crow Caw has been the most interesting drop lately.
Crow Caw
Loricated Mail
Defense: 1943
Durability: 27 of 36
Required Level: 62
Required Strength: 139
Fingerprint: 0x73cb1111
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
+15% Faster Hit Recovery
35% Chance of Open Wounds
+180% Enhanced Defense
+15 to Dexterity
Required Level +7
Too bad it didn't roll a perfect upgraded defense (2000 something). This would have been really nice armor for the Amazon, it would fit many builds rather well, imo.


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Last update in May? Ouch.

My latest D2 time has been with the patch 1.00 and then there was the WSK tournament.

But I just played some 1.13 a bit:
With the two Lo runes from the WSK, my current Lo count is 6. I added them as well to the first post's rune counter. I could make my next Zod God item and still have four Lo runes left. Runes are starting to burn my pockets, so to say.

Only thing that is holding me right now, is that I can't make both the Zod God item and the 'Famine' I was planning for Freddie the Double Swinger yet. Maybe I'll hold on just a little while, just in case something truly extraordinary drops? At least wait until Janis the Tiger Striker gets finished. She will see some playtime in the very near future!


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Heh, I noticed only after posting that last pic that I hadn't changed my resolution when I switched from 1.00 to 1.13 :p

Janis the Titan Tigerstriker made some progress:
So I picked Janis from Hell Act III and Flayer Jungle WP. Next destination was the Flayer Dungeon. My Lawbringer switch proved once again to be a lifesaver. Really handy against PI undeads, and against something you don't want to explode right at your face :D

Buahaha. Sometimes it can be quite cheesy, but that guy with his tight pack didn't look like something to Dragon Flight into...

Travincal wasn't a problem. Many things can hurt me a lot and quickly. Most of the time I play it quite safely, but sometimes I rush a bit into risky situations. My high damage makes up for the vulnerability though, along with nice crow control.

I'm glad that I have two setups, and the other has 80LR (and higher res in general). Act IV was still quite fast cruising, as I had lowered from P3 to P1 for this act.

Tiny island on the lava. Luckily there was still monsters alive to Dragon Flight back into :rolleyes:

For the CS I abused Lawbringer quite a lot and it was easy that way, but Infector pack killed me once. Stupid mistake where I used Dragon Flight where I meant to spam some Mind Blast against them. Diablo was quite scary with my low-ish resistances. Don't remember the last time I had to actually dodge his attacks in Hell so much.

So, it's one act to go! Good to be back at this. Now I'll run some more CS with my Blizz Sorc. Let's hope I'll find some HRs for the last two characters of the sept.


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So Janis was finished awhile ago (Mat thread in the first post). I've been busy with 1.07 but I took a little break to run some 1.13 CS. That was a good decision:

This saves all the lower runes (no need to burn Los now), and I can also make a 'Famine' for Freddie!!
That's it! Only one more item to go!!!

Famine's roll was quite poor (329), it varies between 320-370ED% Well, not that important. Happy to get Freddy going again! :)

On top of that, Famine was a runeword grailer for me!

Legendary Mallet
One Hand Damage: 210 - 254
Durability: 32 of 115
Required Level: 76
Required Strength: 179
Fingerprint: 0x26e1332e
Item Level: 94
Version: Expansion 1.10+
5% Chance to cast level 7 Fissure on striking
+3 to Elemental Skills (Druid Only)
+30% Increased Attack Speed
180% Enhanced Damage
+150% Damage to Undead
Hit Blinds Target +1
Required Level +7
+50 Maximum Durability
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Zod Rune

Zod Rune
Required Level: 69
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Weapons: Indestructible
Armor: Indestructible
Shields: Indestructible

Legendary Mallet
One Hand Damage: 214 - 261
Durability: 57 of 65
Required Level: 65
Required Strength: 189
Fingerprint: 0x6b56bdb3
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+30% Increased Attack Speed
329% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
+150% Damage to Undead
Adds 180 - 200 Magic Damage
Adds 50 - 200 Fire Damage
Adds 51 - 250 Lightning Damage
Adds 50 - 200 Cold Damage Over 4 Secs (100 Frames)
12% Life stolen per hit
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 to Strength
4 Sockets (4 used)
Socketed: Fal Rune
Socketed: Ohm Rune
Socketed: Ort Rune
Socketed: Jah Rune

Fal Rune
Required Level: 41
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Weapons: +10 to Strength
Armor: +10 to Strength
Shields: +10 to Strength

Ohm Rune
Required Level: 57
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Weapons: Enhanced Maximum Damage
Armor: +5% to Maximum Cold Resist
Shields: +5% to Maximum Cold Resist

Ort Rune
Required Level: 21
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Weapons: Adds 1 - 50 Lightning Damage
Armor: Lightning Resist +30%
Shields: Lightning Resist +35%

Jah Rune
Required Level: 65
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Weapons: Ignore Target's Defense
Armor: Increase Maximum Life 5%
Shields: +50 to Life


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Freddie the cold enchanted Double Swinger made some progress:

NM Act V was short work after I could equip the 'Famine' Legendary Mallet. I kept Baranar's Star on the other hand, as upgraded Earthshaker was not available until lvl 76. That Blizzard is from Snowclash belt. Every equipment piece has + cold damage if possible.

Waves and Baal posed no problem. I took them at /players 3, to hurry it up a little, because I was really looking forward at how he would fare in Hell...

I noticed that all my mercenaries in this sept have been different ones (no same weapons for example). To keep this going, Freddie hired a new mercenary for himself. Earthshaker has "hit blinds target" on it, and that got me thinking that I could equip a mercenary that also blinds and freezes stuff, just like Freddie, to get some more crowd control going.

She is, what I now call, "a mini medusa" (after the Medusa Strafer build): 'Silence' Crusader Bow, Blackhorn's Face (slows target, PMH), and an Iceblink (hit freezes target). From my short observations, she seems to be quite good at her task!

I also cast Battle Cry when entering a bigger pack of enemies, or any boss pack. It helps until everything is frozen/blinded/dead. Knockback (Giant Skull, no Earthshaker yet) is fine, it's good for separating some packs. Just have to be sure I don't wake new packs, so it's usually best to fight towards battlefield that's already explored.

Tristram und Isolde.

First PI encounter was in the Cathedral, and then there was this, along with another PI boss by the side. I was happy to notice how quick they went down! Questing and two /p3 Pit clears made me to hit level 76 in Catacombs lvl 3, just in time for Andy... but then I noticed I was relying on Baranar's Star +15 str to be able to wear Legendary Mallets, eth or not. Bah. Killed Andariel without any problems, and then re-spec'd to be able to wear my Zod God item :D

Freddie about to meet the demon Queen Andariel - she was no Killer Queen however.

I'm happy about Freddie's performance so far - there's no "lawnmower effect" that would happen with Grief/Forti/Reaper's merc etc. but instead I have to take it a bit more careful and be alarm about my surroundings when facing the bosspacks. Not a tank by any means but not the Titan made of fragile glass that was Janis (the Tigerstriker Assa). Cool.


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Earlier this week:
Slowly getting there :p

I also finished Act II with Freddie:
Three bosspacks! After Radament I equipped Arreat's instead of Giant Skull. I'll use that against Baal, maybe Diablo, for the CB it has. Arreat's, given its all res and LL, pumped up my survivability a good bit.

I cleared parts of the Maggot Lair lvl 3, and these got wild while I was at that. PI Swarms were easy, which is always nice when you're a melee fighter. So, "cold enchanted" part of my build is getting the job done! Probably the rainbow damage of the 'Famine' doesn't hurt either.

Lost cousins of Corpsefire. Lost City entrance had the most packs I've ever seen. Three here, and three right next to these!

Last shot from the Act II. Everything went quite smoothly until Tal Rasha's Tomb. That wasn't a huge barrier either, but took a while nonetheless. I also happened to find the Duriel's chamber from the last room on the map, which was really close the entrance actually.


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Nihlathak runs have fulfilled all the expectations and more already:
Less than half a Zod to go. Single Cham and I could finish this. I think I'll wait until MFO, whatever happens, because it's a good opportunity to find something interesting for the Amazon.


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*uses Zod God powers to send more HRs to T72on1's way*

My runeluck has been quite wild with Nihlathak so far: Ist, Ist, Gul, Ohm, Ohm, Ber, Jah. I'm afraid there might be some dry times ahead


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@T72on1 beat me to it -- stop stealing the Nihla runez!! :p It looks like Hiatus is around the same XP judging by the bar (plus another 11M due to her death), and only an Ohm and Gul for her.

Congrats on the very nice drops -- hopefully that Cham drops in short order!