Grape's Zod God Sept - Progress and theorycraft thread


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This should be the last update before the Pat thread.

Act IV:
I felt confident, so I stepped down to the Outer Steppes with players 5 setting. No problems, but quite slow going.

Same here, slow but steady. Izual in Hell is not a (relatively) that kind of a massive hitpoints monster, and was down quite fast. No souls, no worries. Maybe we'll see again before the end?

Lowered it to P3 for the City of the Damned. Fingermages around were a little nuisance, but nothing that a mana pot now and then couldn't fix. These buddies over there can cause some serious damage if I stop and try to count their horns. It was better to play some pinball between them while landing random hits.

River of Flame was full of Maggots and Spawners. Not the fastest clearing of this area forever, but safe anyway.
I felt like a proper summonmancer with all these resurrecteds from Diane's Faith.

Stone Skin and Holy Freeze, party on. Hey, ho, Let's go skeles!

And they did. And brought some company. Hephasto took a while to kill, and I needed some juvs.. We finished him after withdrawing from this place, going over the bridge.

After long-ish River of Flame, I turned on players 1 before the WP. Chaos Sanctuary was not a problem after that. The most dangerous encounter was the De Seis pack, when trying to pull some of them away from mr. Seis. I took little too many blows from few too many knight dudes. Nothing but a De Seis thang, baby.

This Lord of Terror guy was a joke. Left nothing but some blue, freezing flakes after vanishing back to the Hells or something.

I probably won't do the next act in one session, but I think I'll leave all the rest for the Pat thread. So long! :)


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Wow, congratulations ;)

My D2 must be broken somehow, i've found only one JAH during entire career (p1 pindleskins minion :)) despite dozens of thousands runs everywhere (including 3.5k p3 Travincal and 1.5k p8 CS)...Either You are very lucky guy or i'm biggest looser ever :)

Anyway congrats again and i wish You best of luck with rest of Your journey ;)


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Thanks RIP!

That latest Jah of mine is really lucky, indeed. Or well, given enough playing it is bound to drop sometime, but still.

The rest I like to think, are hard earned. Thousands and thousands of P7-8 alvl 85 runs, including one 99er in CS. Thousands and thousands of Travincal runs on top of that.

Can't say from the top of my head, that how unlucky it is to run 3.5k p3 Travincal and 1.5k P8 CS without a Jah. Expected Jahs over those runs is probably less than one, or around one. Not sure. It's quite rare rune after all :)


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You've certainly deserved those runes, i have no doubt about it...And thanks to You and Your lvl 99 Paladin Vodka (and Corrupteds Samsara etc) i've found many HRs in CS, including one ZOD (i believe i've posted it in Your thread), so i certainly can't complain...Just those BER+ are not droping at good rate (well, almost not at all), but this might be changed one day ;)


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@RIP Yeah I remember the Zod, that was great!

Just leaving a "log entry", should someone read this at some later times. After the Jah drop, posted few posts above, I did my fourth Zod God item.

So Hexfire it was. I was weighting to go with the Bloodtree Stump, because leaping around with a big hammer sounds like a thing Barbarian is meant to do, but that would be a fourth two-hander (and also a male character, like it matters..) in a row for this sept. This choice is thus adding some variety, and leaving the fourth build open for a little longer.

My options are now to put it on an Assassin throwing Blade Fury along with some fire traps, or an Enchantress with some adds.
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Hexfire is a pretty terrible BF weapon, and you don't need to Zod it for BF. How about a Phoenix Striker focusing on the first charge?


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Edit: first post updated with David's pat thread. Hell Baal was slain yesterday.

Hexfire is a pretty terrible BF weapon, and you don't need to Zod it for BF. How about a Phoenix Striker focusing on the first charge?
I like the Ignore Target's Defense it has, that's quite nice for a BF. Also Zod would let me use, or even max the Blade Shield. But the damage is quite underwhelming compared to many other weapons, true.

Meteor spamming Phoenix Striker sounds pretty neat, I'll think about it :)
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Another point (besides low damage) that probably will keep me away from using Hexfire as a BF weapon is, that the two remaining runewords of RW Grail for me are Fury and Famine. Those both are great BF weapons in a right ethereal base. :)

Oh boy, how can the pace of playing differ from character to character. I'm talking about the next character of this Sept, of course!

Few early pictures and the Hell Act I from the journeys of Druid the Windhammer windwolf:
I used Angelic's Raiment set until this. Before that I think it was the normal Khalim's Will + some Envy jewele'd stuff. Original plan was to go Titan with this character also, and with pure Fury as well. I think I used a rare Ancient Axe at this point. Later I used Steeldriver and then upgraded Steeldriver until Windhammer.

NM Duriel trying to be kind, but I ain't caster! Damage was absurd for NM, I went full STR all the time.

Hit level 69 during the Glacial Trail it seems. Showing off the damage here... Since I arrived to Hell, somewhere at the beginning of August I believe, Jimi has been wondering what to do. And watching some other character rush past him, and waiting for David the Titanmancer to finish his quest, ofc.

I started to want something else besides "just" a fully decked out Titan Fury wolf. I pondered with an idea of going with some summons, maybe being a bear instead of wolf and a Maul etc. Well, Maul doesn't work as good as Fury with this hammer (it's a lot slower), and I have better idea for Summon Druids, so back to wolf it was.

It's quite obvious since you start swinging with this hammer at crazy speeds that there's going to be a lot of Twisters flying around. (33% Ctc on striking, lvl 22). While not the most damaging spell, I still went ahead and maxed its synergies. This has made my wolf a hybrid of sort. When my Battle Orders wears off, I re-shift to human and cast BC/BO/Cyclone Armor and Hurricane. CA has great level of absorb and Hurricane offers some minor damage and some nice freezing. Hurricane doesn't last too long, but gives a nice touch to the build, imo.

I also hired a new mercenary, and Guthlaf has been doing a wonderful job so far. I have quite limited experience with A5 mercenaries (mostly from 1.07 and one 1.13 char has been using one), and I'm little bit surprised at how good the dude is. Well, part of that is probably due to me giving him a 'Lawbringer', that is a very neat runeword.

*SLAPP* Jimi steamrolled through the Act. I played at /P5.

Guthlaf being a badass. Just look at the posture! "Now your'e gonna get EXECUTED!

Now the guy is stealing the whole freaking show! What a man! Jumps on the casket and starts smashing this demon queen like it's nothing. Crazy Barbarian!!!

Guthlaf show continues. Man is trying to cut her head off with a one mean swing! Almost a success!

All in all, Jimi is cutting it through the game at a breath-taking pace, at least compared to what I just got used to with a meleemancer.

Looking forward the upcoming acts!


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Very nice!

I personally like A5 Mercenary much more then any other, and sometimes its even best solution (my Windruid has one with Lawbringer and it changed early questing completely), so i'm not surprised that You are very satisfied aswell ;)

Good luck to Guthlaf and Jimmy ;)


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No progress with Jimi, but Sorceress Donna was born today:

She's wearing full Cathan's and is lvl 22 now. One quick session got her to the beginning of Act III. We will see about the end build later. It includes Hexfire and Enchant, that much I'm sure of. I think I still need one piece of equipment for her.


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The Ward with 50 all res (+30-50). So near, yet so far away:

The Ward
Defense: 538
Chance to Block: 34
Durability: 64 of 100
Required Level: 75
Required Strength: 175
Fingerprint: 0xdd3145ec
Item Level: 79
Version: Expansion 1.10+
10% Increased Chance of Blocking
+100% Enhanced Defense
+40 Defense
+10 to Strength
All Resistances +50
Magic Damage Reduced by 2
Required Level +12
I think the max def would've been 550. The odds were 1/18, base defense for non eth Ward is ranging from 153 to 170.


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Last Sunday's adventures:

+1 skills went to Cyclone Armor, which is now maxed. I'm now putting points to Werewolf, more AR never hurts. Considering Lycanthropy now, too.

One can never have too many Ists! The whole act was played with p5 settings

Only the second level had those PI Itches. I kept Hurricane up there all the time. It was no problem, really.

Outside areas were nice. Poor old Dark Elder. Gets killed again and again.

A Gul! Might be a part of Vex someday, who knows.

Fourth way, so this took some time. Managed to get me trapped between those at one point, when Guthlaf was working with another group too far away. I took them down with Hurricane.

Some big, blue bug. And a wolf.
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Windhammer boy continues. Act III:

What is this evil Witch Doctor? I summon forces of nature only, but Mr. Endugu has some evil powers, and can re-summon these little demons! Jungles were easy as usual with a melee character of this caliper. No dolls or PI ghosts during the dungeons, so it was full slash away -mode on.

Battlemaid Sarina had some company, again, as with David. Cursed + Manaburn from another pack could've been somewhat interesting, but Decrepify from Lawbringer had them tamed down.

I visited the extra temples also. This was easily the most dangerous encounter. There were beetles and a Snake bosspack with Conviction right at the stairs. I had to take some fresh air during this fight.

This was the last place I visited before Travi. No way I tried to took the whole pack at once. When Sszark was on its own, it was not hard at all, thanks to Lawbringer again.

Travi was not a problem, there weren't anything particularly dangerous. Only thing that bothered me was that I had to spoon-feed Guthlaf some rejuvs cause he wouldn't follow me to the inner side. Some kind of a Barbarian brain-freeze maybe?

Not an unusual sight of Bremm. He went down without problems, but earlier at DoH lvl 2 I had a nasty pack of Maulers, who took Guthlaf down at least once. They were Extra Fast and Strong at least. I didn't manage to took a screen shot, the fight was heated enough. Other Mauler packs were not a problem at all, but those were really hurty.

Windhammer is crazy good bosskiller, thanks to the huge CB it has. Ormu's was a one with Nova and with +14% LSD. Could be useful even. Haven't check yet, that does it top my earlier Nova one(s).

Make it +100 more ED% and triple durability and I'd be tempted to start a Impalazon!
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I thought I'd have enough time this weekend to do the both Acts I've left.

But the last one shall wait. Meanwhile, there's some pictures from Act IV:

There was some welcoming committee waiting for me to get out of the town. No idea what was the boss' enchantments, but the group hit surprisingly hard.

Boss Mr. Sharp...

... and Boss Mr. Brow. Also some knight dudes rushing in. I think they may have a Boss dude also. Let's deal with these bosses a bit more intimately, shall we?

That's better. That Spine ain't looking that though anymore.

And he was hardly as Sharp as I expected when he was without his gang.

There was one more Boss dude! I was right! Another guy who likes to inform us about his spinal column with the name of his.

Lawbringer is so OP in Chaos Sanctuary. Not much to tell about River of Flame. Hephasto was the lamest ever, having a scary Blessed Aim aura and all. Forge dropped me a Lum rune.

Cool. Waterwalks had a low roll. RBF was a -5/+4 poison one, not bad.

All in all, this act proved to be quite fun. A lot faster than with David, despite I played P1 with him and p5 with Jimi. Not that this surprised me the slightest.


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Thats one wonderfull drop from Diablo...Of course, only the facet is realy good item, but its nice to see such drop from Act boss, especially, when questing...And i can compare it, i'm running Big D a lot these days...And i like screenie posts a lot too...Good luck ;)


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Thats one wonderfull drop from Diablo...Of course, only the facet is realy good item, but its nice to see such drop from Act boss, especially, when questing...And i can compare it, i'm running Big D a lot these days...And i like screenie posts a lot too...Good luck ;)
Yeah, that was a nice drop! I liked the Ormu's from Mephisto as well. Maybe Baal will also drop something nice now for a change now..


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Zod God's Arcane logbook:

Windboy Jimi made it to Patriarchy the other night...

Young Sorceress Donna is growing in powers and the eternal flame inside her is more and more powerful as she proceeds through the Nightmare events...

Upon reaching the Lower Kurast WP, I can say that this sept has reached the half point as far as game playing goes. Fourth character reaches the middle milepost of her journey, that's 3.5 characters out of 7 through the game, then!