Grape's Zod God Sept - Progress and theorycraft thread


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I think he mentioned playing another game instead of D2. Not sure if he has done so in the past while still visiting this place or not. Even when playing other games, I keep coming back here (and to the AB for that matter), so I also found it strange he just left so suddenly.
Let's trust he has just checked out for a while, and our own little Hotel California still has a firm grip on Grip :p

Three acts remaining for Whitney (and this Sept!)
She has been cruising through on players 1, as I didn't feel like I needed any tough challenges at that point with her. It's been fun anyway!

I'm rocking a 7FPA normal attack, and with some help from Aliza even the PIs haven't been a problem even though I didn't load with massive elemental damge sources this time.

However, she has a PI solution herself! That picture from Palace Cellar hinted at it already. She's using a 'Wrath' Great Bow on switch. When she sees a potentially dangerous situation, 1-2 volleys of Strafe is fired so that there's either Decrepify or Life Tap up, and then she proceeds to face the monsters and stab that dagger on their faces!

She's like 80% Dagger/20% Strafe for now. I could be simply firing more Strafe, but I want to enjoy and experience the Daggerzon build more.


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So what's next, now that the Sept is over? Doesn't matter what, just do something and write about it. I'm so afraid of a life without Grape write-ups ...


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I vote for a "Zod Dog Sept," where the characters have to use zod'ed eth items with perfectly terrible rolls (i.e., worst possible roll on all variable stats). That sounds like something Grape would enjoy -- I know I'd enjoy watching him do it :p

In all seriousness, we still have Grape's all Rare and All Magic septs going thankfully!


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Zod God Sept - Aftermath

So last Friday, two days ago, I finished my Zod God Sept! :)

This will be my lousy attempt to wrap this thing up. Lousy in the sense that I don't feel like going through all the posts related, so there might be some mistakes. I try to avoid going too depth in the builds anymore, since they were covered quite well already. I'm really eager to answer any questions though! Don't hesitate to comment.

First of all: it was fun, that was the main incentive all along. I tried to be creative with the builds, and I feel like I succeeded quite well on that front. Main challenge was to put all those nice HRs I found during this to these items. Well, there were few slips from that, but I managed to keep my focus on this relatively well. Relatively well, in the sense of my chaotic way of having about dozen different "micro/macro" (scale) Diablo II "projects" going on all the time. Happy to have this finished, it's one of those bigger goals now achieved.


June 11, 2015 Joining the Zod God Tournament, my first item being probably the best of the whole bunch, Ribcracker.

January 9, 2016 Some six months later Lemmy has claimed the title Partiarch. So, an Avenger weilding that Ribby was my first character to achieve the finish line, before the idea of a Sept had fully even formed in my head.

February 9, 2016 Only a month later second item sees the light. I recall that when people wondered about what I was going to do with the thing, I had it already figured out by then.

June 3, 2016 Dethroning @pharphis from being the Zod God. I remember that Windhammer drop well (it was Travincal) because I got immediately excited when I saw it was eth and the ED had a round number. I was almost sure it was perfect before checking it to be sure.

August 26, 2016 So it seems like it took me a whole spring and a summer to figure it out; I was indeed going to build a Sept around these items. One does not become lunatic over night it appears.

October 29, 2016 I became some sort of deity that day. These glory days have lasted now almost two years.

October 31, 2016 Second in line was David the Titan Meleemancer swinging the Bonehew. I think David, along with Janis, were the slowest to play.

November 24, 2016 Jimi the Windwolf is the third character in the Sept. Probably the fastest playthrough, only rivaled by Enchantress Donna. If Donna couldn't teleport, Jimi would have been the fastest. Guy mowed down the monsters like no tomorrow.

March 31, 2017 After a busy autumn with Zod God, it was to be few months before my fourth character finished her journey. Donna the Dual Dragon Enchantress was a build I was quite proud of. I was happy to make it work it really well.

March 31, 2017 The same day I posted my fifth item in the Zod God thread, Hellslayer.

August 11, 2017 Janis the Titan Tiger Striker achieved easily the highest LCS damage numbers of this Sept! 2017 spring and summer I played some 1.00 and 1.07 which took noticeable amount of time away from this project.

August 31, 2017 Yet again a rune burning session was held. Result were the two weapons for my sixth character.

May 1, 2018 First of May, I didn't remember playing Diablo that day! Apparently enough to finish Freddie the Cold Enchanted Double Swinger. To be honest, he wasn't the most exciting character ever, but did the job just fine. Many hours were spent in the Nihla's room with my then to-be 99er Sorc between this and the item made some 8 (!) months earlier.

August 12, 2018 Last item in the Sept arrives to the Sanctuary. Last spring's RFL must be mentioned also, since it was there where I found my first ever Zod, along with a good bunch of other HRs to make the decision to go for the last one that much easier.

October 12, 2018 Matriarch Whitney the Wrathful Daggerzon finishes the Sept. I was happy to finish with a character whom I enjoyed playing. Gives a fresh feeling to continue towards next projects!

What's next, then?

Well, as mentioned above, there's still my Magic and Rare only Septs going on. I won't rush with those since I enjoy looking for every possible upgrade I possibly can give them. Doesn't make sense to put some of them on hold forever, hoping for ridiculously hard to find items. Still, I'm going to take it slowly.

Meanwhile, there has been couple other Sept ideas forming for quite awhile now. I'm going to post about those later, so stay tuned :)

Between all this, I try to find time for grinding another 1.07 99er and play some more 1.00 as well. Probably some other time travel adventures also, let's see.

Last but not least: thank you all who followed through this! Every comment, like, etc. was appreciated. Hope you enjoyed it even tiny bit as much as I did.
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My shame has kept me from reading your threads on zod god, and you repay me by tagging me !?!?

Congrats, man. Awesome idea and results


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It's insane that you actually managed to pull this off. Congratualtions and thanks for the nice reads and movies. Your YouTube channel indeed boasts some remarkable D2 characters!