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I love this idea, just read about it. So, the idea is to get every unique and set item huh? My question is about ethereal uniques. What about those? Do they count, or do you have to find the non-ethereal versions of each unique to claim that you got it all. Man, I'm a big FF fan...the only way to play those games is to get everything in the game. That's why I'm so fixed on finding EVERYTHING. Haha, so far I have 12 uniques and 13 set items. And I'm loving this fishymancer build. First char. on SP and he's doing great. lvl 56 in act 3 NM. Happy playin!!


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your grail is whatever you make of it. some people try for guardians in every character class, some go for all sets/uniques, some go for all ethereal sets/uniques! you can pick and chose how you want to go about doing it. good luck!

oh yeah, welcome to the forum! if you haven't already, be sure to check out the FAQ on stickied at the top of the first page. it has tons of useful information! you should also make an intro post for yourself as well. we'd like to know some more about you!


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Welcome to the SPF! :)

As for the Grail, I think its pretty much whatever you want it to be, for myself at the moment mine is just to complete Hell.. or get to Hell.. just once....

.. mabye my Fishymancer will take me there.

Enjoy your time with us :)


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As said, the grail is whatever you want it to be :)

In 1.09, I'm only 11 items away from collecting all set/unique items, but 46 away from finding them all myself. I also have a separate ethereal collection where I'm missing 24 uniques that can spawn as ethereal (not all can).

In 1.10, I'm playing untwinked HC so I don't think starting on a grail collection would be a good idea ;)


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Welcome to the forums :)

Like said, you define your grail yourself. Personally I go for each and every set and unique item, counting each Rainbow Facet separately and also adding each rune to the grail. I count only 1.10 items towards this, ethereal or non-ethereal all work. Some people go as far as wanting ethereal only, some people only want to find one facet, some people ditch the cow king's all up to you really.

There's numerous ways to keep track of what all items you have, but I believe Death_Dealer's Excel spread sheet is one of the best, as it gives you full statistics of your findings along with showing the stats of each item. Right now I can't remember the link for it, but if it's lost I can easily upload it so that people can load it themselves :)
why would people not count the cow king set?
anyway, im not going for any grail as i cant bare doing MF runs all the time. i finish off hell, do baal runs to lvl, any uniques are a bonus.


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I agree with everyone that the Grail is what ever you want it to be.

As for Ethereals I count mine and some people prefer CERTAIN Ethereals Uniques because they have a mod to repair or an Industractible mod. Also The Silver-Edge Axe only comes in Ethereal Version.

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