Grail Items?

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Grail Items?


I gather the Trade Forum isn't the place for a question like this, so here goes...

I've noticed that some of the low-level uniques, particularly TC3, are hard to come by, and worth a bit to grailers. Which are these low level items? I just found Biggins Bonnet, and I see that I have Lenymo, Felloak, and the Serpent Lord. Worth anything?



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greyform, biggons bonnet, and knell striker seem to be worth the most out of the tc3's, ones like felloak, and hotspurs seem to be quite a bit more common


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There isn't any real set value for tc3 grailers but I think they generally go for some pgems since the grailer isn't going to using them for much more then twinking and outside of grailers nobody really needs them.


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necrolemming said:
Taken straight from Doc's TC list:

TC 3
01) Buckler (qlvl 1)
Pelta Lunata (qlvl 3)
Hsarus' Iron Fist (qlvl 4)
02) Cap (qlvl 1)
Biggin's Bonnet (qlvl 4)
Infernal Cranium (qlvl 7)
Sander's Paragon (qlvl 20)*
03) Club (qlvl 1)
Felloak (qlvl 4)
04) Dagger (qlvl 3)
Gull (qlvl 6)
05) Eagle Orb (qlvl 1)
06) Hand Axe (qlvl 3)
The Gnasher (qlvl 7)
07) Javelin (qlvl 1)
08) Katar (qlvl 1)
09) Leather Armor (qlvl 3)
Blinkbat's Form (qlvl 16)
Vidala's Ambush (qlvl 19)
10) Leather Boots (qlvl 3)
Hotspur (qlvl 7)
Tancred's Hobnails (qlvl 27)
11) Leather Gloves (qlvl 3)
The Hand of Broc (qlvl 7)
Death's Hand (qlvl 8)
12) Quilted Armor (qlvl 1)
Greyform (qlvl 10)
Arctic Furs (qlvl 3)
13) Sash (qlvl 3)
Lenymo (qlvl 10)
Death's Guard (qlvl 8)
14) Scepter (qlvl 3)
Knell Striker (qlvl 7)*
15) Short Bow (qlvl 1)
Pluckeye (qlvl 10)
16) Short Staff (qlvl 1)
Bane Ash (qlvl 7)*
17) Short Sword (qlvl 1)
Rixot's Keen (qlvl 3)
17) Throwing Knife (qlvl 2)
18) Wand (qlvl 2)
Torch of Iro (qlvl 7)*

The ones with asterisks are the rarest of the bunch. Especially Sander's Paragon.

[smug]oh, you mean this?[/smug]

Sander's Paragon
Defense: 5
Durability: 9 of 12
Required Level: 25
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 85
Fingerprint: 0x97b72a6b
Attacker Takes Damage of 8
35% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+1 to Defense (Based on Character Level)



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Add to the fact by now most grailers, save perhaps the new entries (are there even any at all?), already have TC3 completed.


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I'm still missing sanders hat :|

And the cow set, then the set grail will be done. Just another small step in the big race. But I'm in no hurry to get it :lol:

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I'm still looking for a few:
The Gnasher
Blinkbat's Form
Knell Striker
Torch Of Iro
Those are the majority of the normal uniques I'm still missing, the other three being:
Silks Of The Victor
Dimoak's Hew
And looking in to ATMA's drop calculator, I found that Wizendraw is supposedly one of the most often dropped items by a certain act boss whom I've run a lot. If you look at how much they're worth, it depends on how you measure it, I'm trying to get a self-found collection, so to me items like these are worth something only if I find them myself.


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Actually the SP Trade Forum is the right place for this question. You are wondering the trade value... ;)
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