Got my new wheels in.


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Got my new wheels in.

Just thought I'd brag about the new blingage.

New Necklace!!
Front End.
Side Shot.
Rear End.
Rear 2.
Mugen Lip.
Mugen Lip 2.

And for kicks.. My cute puppy.

The front end is unpainted because my front end is all from Japan, I plan to repaint it to match the car within 3 weeks. I also need to lower it a tad more to get rid of that awful wheel gap.

The wheels are 15x6.5 Rota Auto X wrapped in Kuhmo 711 Ecsta Tires. I recieved the lip on Friday and I was very pleased with the quality and fitment of the lip.


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PatMaGroin said:
Have you done anything engine-wise to your car?
Yes, I have a JDM b18c with Toda Camshafts/Valve Springs. JUN Header, Apexi N1 exhaust with an intake.


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I personally would have taken either of the other two wheels over the ones you got ;) However, each to his own. Enjoy!



Yeah, not really my style, I don't like the whole red lip thing..but yeah, it's your car, I'm happy it suits your fancy. I'm more of a three spoke person but yeah..I know those are hard to find too.


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I'm impressed, a ricer-boy with more bite than bark.

I actually kinda like those wheels on that car, for some reason. I don't like the wheels by themselves, but they look good on the car.

I kinda like the Gun Metal Advans, and I would have gone with 17's myself, but I know that makes them a bit more expensive.

From what I've seen, on black cars, gun metal wheels with a chrome polished lip look amazing.


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Most of what was said is greek to me, but it sure is fun and shiny to look at. Grats.


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I am not into the whole ricer/sport compact scene, but those are not bad and if you like them it is all that matters. Here are the ones I want...with something like this as tires. Ohh for my Jeep..


If it makes you happy...

I've got a line on a 1971 Ford pickup for only $1500. It's a sweet ride for a Ford. Plus it'd crush your puny car :lol: :lol: :lol:


Those just remind me of my dad's car when the cheapo wheel plates (whatever you call them) were stolen... :uhhuh:


Does anyone know where I can find a picture of a three spoke rim? A nice looking one, I had this one but I can't find it anymore.


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that stuff is pretty sweet, i personally like the Volk TE37's more than anything (and if they werent SOOOOOO expensive of so unabtainable then i would probabley have them)

I also gotta say damn. You got a modded B18 in an EG, your a brave man.