Got a question


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Got a question

Ok ladder reset need to make a new character...

I have come down to a few classes / builds and i need help on picking one.

Ok 1st one is:

Werewolf druid w/ nigma

Glass cannon zon w/ nigma

The other 2 classes i have made and would like to use one of the ones above if they are decent enofe to kill meph and andy.

But the other 2 if the two above are no good is

Full blizz sorc
Zeal pally.

looking for something cheep too :-}
Remember they dont have to kill it in 5 sec as long as they can do it one trip useing little pots.



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Re: Got a question

The first ones are no good simply because you won't be able to get an enigma when everyone is running around in Isenhart's Cases.

Full blizz sorc can be played and leveled easily, and is an excellent MFer, so that's my suggestion. I always start with hammerdin, but that's mainly because hammerdin is the character I have the most expirience with.


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Re: Got a question

You say cheap, but then mention nigma which will be really expensive this early into ladder, so I'm not sure what your after exactly.

A friend of mine swears by blizz sorcs, moat trick + blizz = meph killing machine.

I don't like blizz that much (actually I don't like sorcs much) so I would go with a zon.

Frozen Arrow/Charged Strike is a solid combo in hell, and can really take on most things with ease. Cows/pits/andy/meph/pindle... I found the chaos sanctuary to be a bit tough though, not unbeatable, just not fast enough to do runs of, but that will most likely be effected by your gear.

Anyway hope that helps.
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