Goofey Things you do

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Goofey Things you do

We all do the 3 main things in the game, leveling/mfing/dueling. But do you have any goofey pastimes when not doing stuff related to the "Big 3"?

For instance. When I'm bored and dont feel like trying to gain levels or mf or duel, I get my necromancer, join trade or duel games (Games that will have lots of people sticking around), and make what I call "Gore Crapets". Some of you may have seen the screenshots I put in another topic showing my gore carpets.

For those of you who dont know/havent seen the screenshot, gore carpeting is when you summon/resummon blood golems constantly in a area. The blood golem will collapse when you summon another, leaving its gorey body behind. You can cover the ground by resummoning blood golems. I usually do this near the healer of the act i'm in (usually act 1). It doesnt take long before the ground dissapears in a pile of gore. Waypoints are buried, with only the blue fires marking their location.

I just love it when people join the game or run into to town and see the gore carpets. Common responses are "What the hell", "Sweet", "Holy Crap", "LoL", "Ewwww", "NECRO STOP MAKING GOLEMS YOUR LAGGING THE DAM GAME".

Thats my goofey pastime. Do you have any? Anything at all that is funny/different from the major 3. Like enchanting a couple buddies and running around punching things to death, filling town with useless items or trying to pk act1 norm ppl with exploding potions using a conviction pally.

Post your goofey/funny things you do when bored.


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- I just gamble to 0. I join all my characters $$$ and spend it all on gamble.

- exp friends... I realized I spend more time exping friends from lvl1 to 7x than I play exp/mf myself

- kill myself trying to do some uncommon areas of the game, like nihalatak hell filled with poison claw vipers...

- praying for blizzard to wake up and banish hacks and cheats from realms like map hacks, cheats used by pk's like tppk, every sort of bots (pindles, mephs, message, channel), ...


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Vakarrona said:
- I just gamble to 0. I join all my characters $$$ and spend it all on gamble.QUOTE]

Similar to this, running Hell Council to amass the millions and then gambling amulets til it's all gone. Takes a long time when the gheeds reduces the cost of the amulets.

Also running about in Act 1 normal with my holy freeze merc watching the entire screen of monsters die instantly when they attack him. Pointless but fun.

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I just got a new one.

I join a act1 norm game with my lvl 82 necro, and help out the lvl 1's and 2's by decrepifying any enemy that I see, yet not killing anything myself. Help them until I get really bored and then leave.


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I do that with my druid's vines too- they leave puddles of green goo; also the spirits are fun- they look like fireworks if you do them really fast, and switch between the different spirits since they are different colors.


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I got an idea about gather some ppl and compete together for who kill diablo/baal fastest in multiplayer hell game? If you want to make it more about divide the challenge into each class. Fastest Assassin, Fastest Sorc, Fastest Druid or whatever...see who win the match:p I know all you guys must have a clock or a watch or whatever to time the challenge.

In the mean time..ppl who participate the game can go to Pit Lvl, Ancient Tunnel or whatever to kill the time by fooling around(Once again, a 8 ppl Pit run, Ancient Tunnel run sure has great chance to drop good stuff for you:p)

It is is should be very interest...since you might get some good reward on the road:p


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I go to really low lvl, just started games with my sorc then follow a low lvl char trying to kill a monster, then i cast telekinesis on the monster just when the low lvl char is about to swing at it, so it gets knocked back. It sometimes really irritates them and i usually quit if they ask me to. but when they go and cuss me out, and throw insults that make me really mad, i kill them using just telekinesis.
i have seen some ppl hold D2 olimpics, like who runs the fastest (usually assns using BoS win, or Pally with high lvl Vigor, although there is an inspiring story of a pally who actually knew how to think and used shift-charge thing to beat everyone), who can jump farthest (usually barbs. they almost always tie because if you have just a couple lvl of points in leap attack you can leap the whole screen). some fencing matches (just like duelling wiht swords, but only saber type sword can be used), and other interesting matches. it was actually kinda fun to watch

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About that olympic race thing you mentioned. What about max speed barbs? A barb that can run the same speed as arrows would be good competition.

I remember this one time, a guy made a game called "Win an ist". It was in normal, and the level restriction made sure everyone was 31-38. I got in the game, and he told everyone that the first person to kill diablo by themselves, would get the ist. You couldn't party up or leave and get another char. You had to get there yourself and kill diablo.

The guy would sit and watch to make sure who killed diablo, so the winner would be clear.

So everyone but me took off like a shot, and after around 15-30 seconds, almost all of them started dying, one by one. It was hilarious. Seeing these people desperatly try to get their bodies from the mobs of enemies and dying again. The only guy who actually made progress was a barb and his merc. His calls beefed the merc up and he was dishing it out.
I Ist Things:

3x Ist Occy
2x Ist Gull
1x Ist,Ist Ali Baba
2x Ist Skulders
2x Ist Shako
1x Ist,Ist,Ist,Ist,Ist,Ist Sword
2x Ist,Ist,Ist,Ist Shield
1x Ist,Ist,Ist Head Hunter Glory
2x Ist Lidless
1x Ist Tal Orb
1x Ist Tal Helm
1x Ist Tal Armor
1x Ist Rare Circlet (Won't go into details)

I think thats 34 Ists. Muahah I'm an Mf freak. I hoard every item possible thats Mf related. I Still need to put 3x Ists in a Etheral Tomb Reaver.. that would be cool.




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Wouldn't an increase in killing speed (IAS, 40% ED, 40% ED) in the Tomb Reaver be more effective than 10% increase in chance to find uniques? ;)


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i take my blizzard sorc, put every cold ed item on her, find a baal bot host it then wait at wsk lvl 2 wp and camp it till he comes, its funny cuz thay always make next game and thay drop lots of gold, you can take all the gold thay have till thay stop. its real fun and good way to get gold for gambling


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Emerald Dragon said:
But do you have any goofey pastimes when not doing stuff related to the "Big 3"?
Nothing I did, but saw ...
I entered a mule perming game and the whole area was covered with gold. I don't know who did it, but there were piles of 1 gold over the whole of the rogue camp. Looked cool, but must have taken a lot of time to do.



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1. While waiting in town for various reasons (waiting for opening the cow level, waiting for some sorc to teleport to Throne room), press keypads [1] to [7] like mad, and your character will start speaking like crazy. Usually, it takes only some seconds before everyone in town does the same. Haha :lol: !

2. Shopping items. Larzuk's my best friend for Echoing (+3 Warcries) weapons. Anya is nice for +3 Traps claws. Sometimes I go shopping for wands/staves for Memory/White runewords.

3. Building silly chars. My last one is a pure runner. It's a trapsin, so she indeed can kill something for XP, but her main skill is... running like hell :lol:. She has :

Level 20 Burst Of Speed : 61%
Magic Circlet : 30%
The Cat's Eye : 30%
Harmony Long Bow (Level 10 Vigor) : 36%
Trang Oul Scales : 40%
M'avina's Tenet : 20%
Aldur's Advance : 40%
TOTAL : 257% FRW

No charms yet (Can reach 120% more with 40*3% FRW, or even 200% more with 40*5% in NL).


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Vakarrona said:
Any cap/breakpoints in FRW?
I really don't know, if someone can provide a link, I'd be happy.
The armor isn't the best and an Enigma in a light armor would be better. However, this build is for fun only and I don't want to put expensive stuff on it.
Believe me, with this stuff, my sin runs the hell outta here :lol: ! And I don't use any charms at all for now...

Another silly build I have done is a pure BOer. He has BO level 47 (And I know 50 can be reached easily by adding him 2*BK rings and a tenth warcry charm).


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I race people. Get my hammerdin turn on vigor and use charge. :D Also I use a barb and see if a sorc can beat me at jumping :D.



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I have two other silly projects : "The Life Replenisher" and the "Damage Returner". I copy/paste my notes "as is", they speak by themselves :

Silly build #1 :
DOL'ed Halaberd's Reign : 23+7
Magic Amulet : 15
DOL'ed Skin of the Flayed One : 25+7
4*DOL'ed Monarch : 28
2-Sockets Jeweled Magic Scepter : 15+4+4
Verdungo : 13
Gloves : 5
2*Rings : 9 each
Crafted Blood Boots : 10
=> 174 Replenish Life

Silly build #2 :
AMN'ed Demonhorn's Edge : 77+14
Telling of Beads / Hit Power Amulet : 10
AMN'ed Toothrow : 40+14
PSkulled Spike Thorn : 1.375/level (1-136 / [email protected] 90) +20
Jeweled Suicide Branch : 25+5
Razortail : 1-99 ([email protected] 90)
Hit Power Ring : 2*6
War Traveler : 10
Hit Power Gloves : 7
Total : 447 Attacker Takes (Physical) Damage (@lvl 90)

I still haven't considered the class/skills for these builds.