Good Werebear Runs


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Good Werebear Runs

I have a lvl40 Werebear tank druid in SP, cleared Normal, but not quite good enough for NM solo. He's maxed Lyncan., and on his way for Werebear, Maul, SummonGrizzly, and Oak Sage. He has a defensive Act II merc.

I've been trying to do both item and experience runs in normal to get buffed up and to try and find a nice normal unique maul, either Bonesnap or Steeldriver.

As far as I can tell players8 Eldritch runs are the best for experience, they give a whopping ammount in the 20 second runs from the Frigid Highland waypoint. Is there anything better/faster for my build that I should do?

As for items, Diablo has a 1:23 chance of dropping Bonesnap, and something like 1:39 for Steeldriver, which are pretty attractive numbers. Unfortunately Chaos runs for me are about 20-30 minutes, which is rather absurd, and I don't have much MF equip. Mephisto can't drop either item, but his run is about 2-3 minutes. I've done quite a bit of those but ironically, the best item I got on a Meph run was the Eye of Etlich unique amulet, dropped by a Council Member minion, lol. I've only done Baal once, and it took freaking forever. His chance of dropping the mauls is much much lower than Diablo anyway. So what is the best run to do?


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Sadly Bears don't make great mfing chars, needing pretty specialised equipment. Either you can keep trying your luck, or just continue through NM and use whatever drops.

Waiting for a certain item to drop is pretty frustrating and usually doesn't work.

Best of luck tho.