Good times when you're hammered...


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Good times when you're hammered...

I took a trip up to North Dakota with four other guys from work to visit one of our radio station clusters we own up there. We went to learn a bit about a new computer system we'll be installing here, and they're using it already up there.
Anyways, we spent 3 hours at the station learning our stuff, and then from 5:30 on last night, we were drinking drinking and drinking. We went to a place called Whitey's that had 32oz taps on special for we each had about four of those. Then we went to dinner at the most expensive place in town and ordered top-shelf mixed drinks all night while we ate our expensive meals. Then we went to the free billiards room and played pool for a few more hours and kept drinking the whole time.
Anyways, by the time we headed back to our hotel, it was almost 1am. We went to check into our rooms, all of us complteley smashed. My buddy Amos had to sign for one of the rooms. His radio name is Famous's how the converstation with the hotel clerk went:

Clerk: I need a name to put down for the room.
Amos: Amos
Clerk: I need a full name please.
Amos: Famous Amos
Clerk: What's you're first name?
Amos: Famous.
Clerk: .....
Amos: The Famous Amos.
Clerk: (annoyed) what's your last name?
Amos: Amos.
Clerk: OK...Famous Amos.

This may not seem very funny...but we were hammered, and we thought it was funny as hell. Oh, and we expensed everything, so the compnay paid for our drunken antics.

Lord Nyax

That's funny. Really funny. :smiley:

I bet that clerk is going to feel...unique when he hears your buddy on the radio...if your buddy is on the radio in ND.