Good starter character?


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Good starter character?

Hi all,

I've returned to DII after a long time away, and I'm starting afresh with no goodies etc.

So a single question to start:

What is a nice and easy character type to use to start collecting some items before I embark on a few different character types?



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Gogo Fishymancer. Its an easy character to play. You can load up on mf for your other characters as well.

- Jas :howdy:


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A character that can efficiently run Nightmare Mephisto, and that would be a Sorceress IMO. Vega/MeteOrb Sorcs (guides can be found in the Stickies) are the most common starter chars, but if I'd have to start all over again I'd go for a Blizzsorc.

But if you prefer running areas instead of just one target, then a Skelly/Fishymancer is your best/safest bet. They just don't need any gear to be good.


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Traps assasins are pretty sweet too. Huge damage and very nice crowd control, also doesn't require much gear and +traps claws can be bought.


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i myself just started over and was working on a zon but couldnt get a good bow so i looked through the guides and settled on the fishy necro followed the guide on how to place my points and it went real smooth and easy and i'm starting to get the better items now good luck


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Lightning Fury/Plague Javelin zon. Double meat shield, nice comb of damage, no need for max resists or a huge defense. More interesting to play than a Fishymancer :)

Disco-neck Ted

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You might notice a theme here: all the recommendations are for non-melee chars. My advice would be different, but only slighty and it is this: play a character you know you can have fun with. There has never been an easier patch to get respectable gear for your char from simply playing. Rares are better, you can gamble uniques (don't count on it though), normal and exceptional rares and uniques can be upgraded, the chip-cube recipe works on all weapons, new runewords abound (mostly higher-end, alas, but many are quite reasonable) and drops are better all 'round. With skill synergies, you should crush nightmare without many problems and get a lot of gear in the process.

This is not to say that 1.10 will be a pushover, especially for an untwinked melee character. But if you don't mind a challenge, just playing most any reasonable untwinked char will get you a fair stash of goods to set up your other chars with.

Have fun!


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Blizz sorc is the awesome. Do NM Meph runs until your eyes bleed. Do this first.

Now you have enough items to build anything you want for Hell.



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I second the blizz sorc.

Fishymancer was also my first patriarch, but it was pretty boring later on, though pretty effective. Running was way too slow, which is why I changed to running with my blizz sorc.