good shield for barb?


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good shield for barb?

hi and hello . i just have one little question . whats a good shield for a high level barb?. im a sword barb


maxed whirlwind.
maxed concentrate .
maxed sword mastery.
10 in iron skin .
7 in shout.
10 in natural resistances

i use a doombringer , what would be a good high level shield with maxed block and a high defense rate?.


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Stormshield!!! Awesome block rate, high defence, huge damage reduction, and some resists...Can't really go wrong there.


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Yes, stormshield is the best shield a barb can get. One thing to note though is that shields don't have max block in and of themselves; you have to have enough dex to make them hit max block. You're going to need 222 dex by level 99 with stormshield.



Stormshield! However, if u already have max dr from BerBer CoA, enigma, and verdungo, then go ahead and try a jeweler monarch of deflecting!!! (super rare, socket with 4x 40ed/-15req jewel!!) U lose defense though, but more dmg and less str!