Good PvP or will get owned :(


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Good PvP or will get owned :(

At lvl 60-70 imma use Gris Set with String, manala and Raven ring, cats eye ammy, and dual leech gloves. i think hes gonna get owned..

at lvl 80-90 imma use Crown of Ages, Hoz, Azure or Death Cleaver (if i can find it) String,Manald,Raven, Duel leech gloves, and confused on the boots. maybe gore riders. and upgraded Shaft. also cats eye ammy

whats your thoughts?


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Might be helpfull if you posted what kinda pally you are going to be?

For all we know you could be makeing anything from a zealer, to a chargedin to a smiter back to a convic/vengence pally?

Need more input, johnny number 5.


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Is there ranged zeal ? :)

Use Exile shield and Dracul's Crasp, no-one will kill you if you have good resists.
Drop all items being worn simply for leech (except if they have lifetap (exile, draculs)).

Drop manald, string. get verdungo's, +ar ring.


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I would also suggest dropping the lechers expically mana leech. What you can add is ias stuff and items that prevents things from hapening that might slow down u're zeal, i.e. cannot be frozen[this is all i can think of at the moment]