Good places to look?


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hell cows...but good luck they are rare

dont use any mf though cuz it will actualyl decrease ur chances


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My Experience is:
Found 1x Eth 6 soc CB in Hell Pits lvl1
Found 2x Eth 6 Soc Zerker Hell Pits lvl1 and lvl2
Found 1x Eth CB no sockets Chaos Sanctuary
Found 1x Eth CB no sockets River of Flame
Found 2x Eth Zerker no sockets Bloody Foothills (Below Shenk)
& (Near Dac Farren)

All this proves absolutly nothing but it gives you some idea where its possible=)

PS: using lvl 99 Zon with 350% MF


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th5418 said:
Are eth zerkers highly wanted and highly priced?
You can sell an eth 6 Soc Zerker for 7 high runes more or less. If it is also Superior, ie; 15% ed add 3 more runes or maybe more=) (since you could theoretically cube a 415% Ed BotD weapon) This is Useast Non Ladder

I actually got 20 vex for one once but that is a whole other story