good newbie class/build for new ladder?


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good newbie class/build for new ladder?

Well, I'm not an actual newbie, I played untill release, up untill synergies came out about 2-3 years ago, and I'm just starting again. I made a quick meteorb sorc in NL (which I didn't really like), so I'm going to restart with this ladder season.

What's a decent class/build that isn't terribly gear dependant for a returning diablo 2 player? I'm thinking some sort of paladin, or necromancer.

Any suggestions?


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Re: good newbie class/build for new ladder? could run around naked and make it.


*cringes* Hammer Paladin...


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Re: good newbie class/build for new ladder?

A trapper isn't terribly gear dependant either - at least not until hell.
Or an Orb sorc (nice guide by Socialism for a starter MF Orb Sorc).
Maybe a Javazon?
Or a 1-point smiter?
How about a windy druid?
Even a strafeazon (maybe a witchyzon)?

These are all pretty cookie cutter builds, that have proven their efficiency through countless hours of playtime. Easy to make and easy to play in PvM. All chars are gear dependant to some extent and have their strengths and weaknesses. The most versatile will have to be the Hammerdin - he can solo the entire game without meeting anything that he can't kill (well exept those Wailing Beasts in the Forgotten Temple in Lower Kurast, which he will have to let the Merc take care of). And slap a Spirit sword and a Spirit shield on him and he will do just fine in a 1-player game even in Hell.

In the end it comes down to which char you like. They all have one or more guides, that will make them effecient killers in hell even with minimal equipment.