Good Necromancer Armor


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excorsist said:
hey does any 1 know what armor is the best for a summoner necromancer??
I'm always happy when I get Trangs on. Def is not bad, plus the +2 to summoning skills is most useful. Also get bonuses with other Trang items.



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The 2 ultimate armors would probably Chains Of Honour +2 skills/+75%resists, and Enigma +2Skills/Teleport...Trang's is very nice because you can actually find it and the +2skills are very sweet


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Enigma is by far the best, Teleport is the best skill a skelemancer can have. Teleport on top of any monster and its done.


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Depends if you're pvp or pvm. Enigma, Coh and these high priced armours worth well for both. Trang-oul set is very nice for Pvm.


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Just be careful. When I had on trangs set I had to take off my sojs to get my mana lower. Otherwise I nealy killed myself from the succubus/Baal curse. (The one that works when your Mana is higher than your Health.)


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Don't pump any into energy and BloodMana generally won't be cast ;)

Vipermagi is in no way the "Best" summoner armor, but the +skill and resistances make it a cheap COH for your necro :) (since the fcr doesn't help all that much for a summoner)


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personally I use a bp enigma, thus allowing me to put more points into vita, tele keeps my minions from running off when I need them, and its even got mf thus making your summoner viable for mf, and a few more nice mods, etc etc. Trangs is pretty sweet if your low budget, 45f/rw, +2 summon pretty awesome I'd say.


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Necrochild313 said:
Vipermagi is in no way the "Best" summoner armor, but the +skill and resistances make it a cheap COH for your necro :)
Ya, for those of us not in the COH or 'nigma tax bracket, Skin of the Vipermagi works pretty darned well. My summoner started out with smoke, which served him well, too. He has now moved on to Skulders, which has the added benefit of having hip red disco pants.

EDIT: It's not really combat effective, but to make up for the lack of TP if you don't have enigma, it is good to keep an item with teleport charges, such as a staff on weapon switch. It helps emergency escapes and army organization.