Good Morning Wednesday


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Good Morning Wednesday


Got on last night to get some NM questing with with Noodle's sorc and my necro. Did all of act1 and even the cave areas in cold plains and black marsh. Andy went down pretty easy and the legion of doom marches on.

We made our way to act2 to get some questing action going and we didn't miss a beat. Raddy fell and then it was off to get the shaft piece. As it was getting late we decided to forgoe the halls of the dead. After the shaft piece a mule game was in order.

Found coolluke in xdii so we joined. He was in some serious need of Diablo help since he kept dropping which meant he had to spend time to make a new army. Diablo fell without much problem.

Saw coolluke's friend in game too... coldplay? never seen him before. Anywho looks like hell is around the corner.

So in the end we got lvl 47 and called it a night.




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I got on for about 2 minutes last night, but lacked desire. Maybe tonight.

Coldplay is an old GATter friend. A fantastic guy to run with. Just try and shut him up in a game! He's kinda the opposite of me.


You guys must be on East, I haven't seen anyone in West Gat much at all, at least...not many that I recognized from pre-1.10.

I got on last nite and found a Lum from Countess, gogo HCL rune crafting.


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The GMG is not GAT, though some of us are affiliated with both. But yeah, we are East. Btw, GAT-east usually has 8-13 people.


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ok, i give up, im just a casual gamer with some not so casual friends, but what is GMG and GAT?