Good Morning Wednesday


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Good Morning Wednesday

Good Morning,

Well, I'm afraid I didn't get in any d2 this week/month/year, but i'm still out here in med school land, memorizing mindless chemical reactions for all i'm worth. Yeeeee hawww. I'd like to come on and play a bit after my finals are over, though... at least after I've sobered up from the customary "forget everything we learned" shin dig downtown. I'm not as used to rocks-vision as I used to be since I took up this schoalrly life stuff that involves drinking nothing but water, until finals are done anyway...

Every time I stop by to refresh mules I have trouble finding you guys. The games we make are always more than a hastily made level 1 character can get into :)

Hopefully I will catch the mysterious "Dr. Drew", whoever that might be by any other name, on one of my visits to the 'nut, he's a pretty cool guy to drink with if you get the chance.



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GOGO Dr Luke!!!!!

Got the necro to within a sniff of lvl 70 last night and this morning. Soloed Baal's minions and Baal by myself in a 3 player game...that was tough. Probably went through about 1o Iron Golems and countless merc resurrections, but my skellies survived the entire battle. He dropped about 11 items, none of them particularly good.

If anyone is around to run A1 hell tonight, I'll be up for it.



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I logged on just for a sec to move some stuff around on my mules. Hammer Dude and Suck Man just got to A3 NM. I reckon I'm gonna stay there until I find some useful stuff. Although 4 Io runes are neat, they don't really do much for me.

Glad to see med school is treating you like a rented mule, Luke. Just think, only 6+ more years to go

:drink: <--- that helps, from what I understand


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One more night of home improvement madness to go, floors are going in tomorrow, so what isn't done will stay that way until the floors are done.

Played a tiny bit yesterday, bumped into Jox for a few mins. Got the Hammerdin to lvl 30 or so. Thus begins the endless Baal runs to lvl 50. Rush through NM. Baal to 70 and then another character on a shelf because he can't survive in A1 Hell and A5 NM is too easy. :D

I'm hoping I can do Pit Runs with this one actually. Will be nice to try to get some better gear for my other toons so I can push them through Hell as well.


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ello maties,

Hope to run into Luuuuke. Just make a game and play in it for a while. People will come. Build it and they will come. Heh.

Ok as for me I played for a total of an hour. Mostly got on to tool around with my javazon seeing how to get her resists up to hell standards. Haven't found a way yet. May have to raid the group mules for some res gear but last I looked most of the stuff is more geared for NM/Normal play.

The barb is looking good. Hope to get him to max reses soon. He's almost there.

Can't wait for the weekend so I can actually get some play time in.