Good Morning Thursday


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Good Morning Thursday

Played for a little bit last night, trying to clean up some quests in hell with the necro. I really only managed to ding 83 and grab the Halls of Pain WP, but I did get to run with Awer for maybe an hour. I was afk a great deal, taking care of my burgeoning eBay addiction, but when I came back we discpatched the council in Travincal - much harder than I anticipated. He almost got wiped out at one point, and they ate my merc and most of my minions during the skirmish. Of course, he didn't get credit for the quest as I had made the game :p So, we'll get it tonight, huh Awer?? :D If anyone else is around, we can probably knock out Meph and get most, if not all, of Act 4 done as well.

PS: Don't know if I mentioned this before, but they fixed the firewall at work so I can no longer access the forums until I get back home...I plan on getting some playtime in tonight at about 7:00PM EST, so try to make appearances :D


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good morning...Havent played in a while...Hope my chars are still alive and maybe ill try to get on tonight to play some. Been playing a little Civilization 3 at times. Well hope to see u guys on tonight.



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Nice to hear from you guys.

I didn't play much last night. Did MF a bit with my druid and got him lvl ** on the last monster I killed before logging off. Happened to be the last monster in the mausoleum too.

Didn't find anything of note. Added more MF to the druid so his resists are in the 30s now.

Tweaked the barb's charms slight to give him more life and AR. I'm really want to hit guardianship with the druid so I can retire him to MF status and work on my other chars.

Hope to see you guys around.


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Spent most of the day in school as usual...

Today I decided to access my accounts again and just check on my items. You should know that I have not played in over 2 months now - as I decided to quit. Once I go to College I think I will start up again but I will do my best not to get addicted again...if that is even possible.

Just finishing off an essay and then I hope that Blizz sends me my account passwords :uhhuh:

Hang in there everyone...tomorrow is FRIDAY.

-Backdoor Bandit