Good Morning Monday


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Good Morning Monday

Had an interesting weekend of gaming. Didn't binge like I wanted to but one awesome thing did happen.

Diablo walked the earth! This was in a hell game where Grim had been in. I joined the game just to up his exp. I came back to my computer later to find that he had left. I was going to log off when the message appeared! I was all frantic. Looked for people online to help me but no one was on. I could have waited until someone showed up but I had to go somewhere. So i mustered up all the Full rejuvs I could and brought my lvl 76 barb into the game to fight him.

Damn long story short it took a long time as he healed far too fast for my barb alone to take him. Open Wounds saved the day since my merc and I both had the property. Need my merc to stay alive though to wear diablo down. Alone without merc I could barely dmg him enough to combat his regen.

Eventually he fell and dropped a low end charm. +1/12 stats/14 res/6% exp. I was happy nonetheless and in awe.

Leveled the barb to 82 and in act3 bazaar. Gave the charm to my Druid by the way.

Hope to catch you guys on this week but I won't be able to play much.

Anyone see Tsuki around? Seems like he just dissappeared.



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Not that much p/t for me this weekend, either, with the V-Day thing and a poker tournament yesterday. Did manage to grab the necro a handful of lvls, currently sitting at lvl 79 and slowly but surely making his way through A3 hell. As long as I can keep my merc alive, everything falls pretty quickly. Even if he drops, the only thing that would seem to bother me is Extra Fast, Fanat and Cursed packs - they really make short work of everything.

Looking for someone to run with tonight, preferably someone who has a system that can handle 14 skellies on the screen (sorry Grim :p ). If no one seems to be on, I can start the brave trek on my own, OR help Joxy knock out NM Ancients and Baal and start working in A1 Hell with her.

If anyone has today off, try to burn in the remaining chars on the #4 mule account, plz....there may be a few others as well, one on #1, one on #2 and 2 on #3.


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There was no one around last night to romp with, so I touched a couple mules, realized that I need a supply of all quality gems to cube runes (Need chipped topazes at the moment) and ran cows to get some gems with the Party favor.

I accidentally slaughtered the King, so no more gem running there for me.. I'll have to find some other place to go.. cows fell quickly to my hammered assault.

No play time for me tonight, I've something else going on. I'm thinking Thursday I might show up.. Again, if no one shows by 8 Eastern, I tend to bail. Playing solo just doesn't cut it for me anymore.



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Seems we're hanging on to Monday, so I'll put my post here too. I was out of town all last week Max, sorry if I forgot to mention it. Had a really good time, got back Sunday night late.

And yesterday, Owen bit the dust. NM Brem of all things...Owen was in magic finding gear, his fire resistance a hair above 50. Brem was Holy Fire and FE, I'm sure of that much, but not much more. Some dark lords had snipped away a couple hundred life with their meteors, two bosses I'd dispatched before heading up to Brem. No sign of any more lords, no sign of Conviction that I had a chance to see. I saw Brem and a minion, decided to let the merc get Brem for more MF and ran past him to go Vengeance on the minion. I had only barely enough time to see my life dropping low, when my merc put the last hit on Brem. Owen died in the FE explosion.

I'm still not entirely sure what went wrong. Even with the leftover damage from the two dark lord bosses, I had to have been around 800 life or so. Without Conviction, and with 50% fire res, I don't understand how he could've dropped me faster than I could hit a rejuv. Oh well. Level 87 is a nice new record for me. I started up a new Owen, but I may let him sit for a bit. Reason being, I'd like to get a real MFing character that I can do the sort of runs Owen died to without worry about losing anything important.

So, look for a "Squire" of mine to be hammering his way to high levels. I've got a second account going again: the hammerdin MFer will be on Tsukiyomi2.


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Good Morning Tuesday

Congrats on the Anni Charm Max! Good things come to those that wait.

I'd love to hook up with either of you Jox or JTed, but we seem to have opposite schedules.

Sorry about Owen Tsuki, but pixels pale in significance to where you were this week in RL. :D Real happy for you bro.

As for me, not much D2. I'm moving more into Jox mode. If no one is on, I just exit.

Played CivIII for the second time last night, turned into another 4 hour fest before I realized it was 3:30 in the AM agin. That game really draws me in.

Still playing through the first game I started. I'm pretty sure I'll win, but I'm playin on the easiest setting just to get to learn the controls, etc. :D

Hopefully I'll see someone on at some point.


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Neato charm find, Max! I did say hi to Xir this weekend - he must have been in the tub :surprise:

My Hammer Dude is getting boring. He either rocks everything in NM or gets his butt handed to him in A1 Hell. I'm too damn lazy to do more than one MF run a night. Eep.

I'll probably start another sorc (or two), seeing as how I am the master of A1 Norm. Hmmm, meleesorc without enchant sounds fun. I think I will do that....zzzz.
grrrr i spent my weekend sitting at my fathers (dail up and no diablo) so basically my highlights of the 4 days was that i got one of the big pretzels and a hooded sweatshirt from the mall :clap: :surprise: :clap: woohoo