Good Morning - Monday edition


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Good Morning - Monday edition

Good morning -

Figured I might as well start the thread, even though I haven't done anything of note since a couple weeks ago. I'm planning on being around starting at 7:30, and bailing by 8 if no one shows up. Probably should check my other accounts and refresh characters, still have to give stuff away.. Is anyone still playing regularly? I have a bunch of items I might as well give away..

Anyhow, hope to see people tonight.



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Good Day,

Hi Joxxy... I don't get on at that time since I'll most likely be at work or eating. I'll be on around 9-10pm eastern if anyone is reading.

Xir popped by on Saturday to say hi. He didn't stay to play but I gather he was being polite since I was in game with Noodle soooo... There be plans to get Guardianship with Xir's barb and my druid either friday or saturday. We'll see.

Saw quite a bit of Coolluke over the weekend. He dropped from games more than I can count. I couldn't tell if he was in game or not :D.

Made a necro with Noodle's new sorc. She's a newb so she doesn't respond to messages well, too focused on killing. We're lvl 40 now and ready to start nightmare. So you'll be seeing us in Nightmare mostly.

Hope to run into you guys,



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Heh, my bad Max. I didn't realize Noodle was your friend. I thought you were two-boxing. I didn't party up with y'all, so I assumed one was just standing in RE.

I was too tired is why I didn't play. I spent most of Saturday working on my Jeep. :D

I would have at least said hello if I had known.

Sure hope we can hook up one of those two nights and finish this thing.


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Hi everyone. I've been out of town for work the last month so no play time for me. I just got back from Hawii on Sunday and have to go to VA on Tuesday for a week. After this trip I should be home for a long stay and will get back on. I got on last night and still have all my accounts. I just need to get them out of act one normal :lol:


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Hell Carm, all my dudes are in A1 norm. Cuz I rock. I actually talked to Luke on the phone over the weekend; he's figured out how to bypass his firewall - not effectively it would appear.

Not much play time that I remember this weekend. Friday was beered out, Saturday I had a life, and Sunday was Oscar night! I may be slogging it with my 1339 avenger pally tonight, unless a good movie like Casablanca is on again. I figure a melee character should be good :scratch: