Good morning Friday


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Good morning Friday

RL: Friday is here, fall has started, rain has returned...things are good, now.

D2: It's the weekend and my blizsorc is in act 5 nm now and I hope to get her to hell meph for running, but that may be a bit ambitious for my skills in one weekend.

Have fun!


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LOL at your sig!! :D

Oh it's raining here too.... ye gods is it raining - I cant see any of the buildings around me, it's like a wall of water!! :eek:


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RL: It's not raining here. It's actually quite warm and pleasant outside. Better stay inside just in case and play computer games.

D2: Continuing to play my IK Barb (the bestest character in the whole wide world). Working on Hell Act II, I switched to p1 so I can get this act over with as quickly as possible. MASSES of unleechable skeletons are no fun! Will switch back to p8 for Acts III-V. :)


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Been waiting since Monday LOL :thumbsup:

Friday & Saturday nite's my time to (shall we say indulge heh)

So happy hour starts @ 5 (perhaps 4:30 today as it's raining here as well) and ends when I run out heh

D2: Very pleased with my lvl 42 Zealot( as amazing as it sounds, I've never played one before lol, through several other Pally builds back in the day) Nightmare is coming along better now that I have a few good drops (Moonfall/Jagged Star) last night really helped my dps :thumbsup:

So all is if Battlestar Galactica would get off it's butt (new season) it'd be the perfect Friday :laugh:


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RL: I had a meeting at 7:30 this morning that almost made me quit. About the only thing I said was: "Hey management guys... uhh... I think this data migration task that my team is responsible for and was assigned to us today won't be completed by the end of the day as you've planned. Afterall, there's about 40M records in roughly 600 tables in 4 different datasets which has to be normalized and transformed/mapped for the new system. I'm sorry if it means you don't get your bonus this quarter, but no, I'm not having the team work overtime this weekend. BTW, nice work in the planning/communicating department. ****wads."

D2: Zapmebaby Longtime, my Charged Boltress, finished NM and is level75. She'll probably do 4-5 more NM Baal runs to gain a few levels before hell. Her Io from Hellforge was her best find so far, which pretty much sums it up.


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RL: Not much. I've got to go to work in less than two hours though. Working on a Friday night = no fun.

D2: My summoner is now at level 80 from Pit Runs and a multiplayer game. He still needs a lot of work though.


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Mom has gone, it's time to settle down into the nice boring routine that I'm used to. ie games and not a lot of shopping/sightseeing. Mmmm, I like all of the above, but I'm ready to get back to the former.


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RL: Meh
D2: Got my 200fcr meteorb (RWM version - vanilla still levelling) to level 80 which means Arach which means 200fcr YAY. Watch those balls fly. Next up .. Mat'dom. Thanks to sirpoopsalot and Ashmer Amedeus for their item contributions. Thanks to all who gave advice on the fire synergies. Mastery is upto 10 with + skills, got CM to 17 so it's bolt/mastery time. Cheers guys.


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RL: Not raining here at all, it's actually a beautiful autumn-like day. Nice and cool and sunny. Just how I like it. Shame I had to work today.

D2: Not last night, and maybe not tonight either, depending on whether I get together with a friend. We'll see.

Ah-NEE-may: Watching Gundam Wing, I'm about 12 episodes in, it's very good, but since watching it in high school I had forgotten the deep psychological problems EVERY character has. Not a single one of them isn't messed up. A lot.

Ah well, off to make some phone calls!


RL: It's early saturday over here guys. Morning to everyone. :wave: Guess i'd better continue with my studies. Exam next whole week. Having Mathematic Paper 1 on monday.

D2: Not today :grin: