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I just finalized the setup for my Bowazon, at clvl 83. Of course, I still have quite a few dex points to WE DON'T ACCEPT THAT MOD, DON'T POST ABOUT IT HERE - THYIAD, so her damage with creep up a wee bit more. She's at 5029 Strafe dmg. with Fanat, and I have no idea if this is good.

I always think now It can't get any higher, the damage, but then I see some video of a dude having 1-2K more than I. And I think how the hell did he get so much damage.

So I was just curious to hear, how much damage does your toon do? I am interested in hearing everything. PvP, MF build, highest possible dmg., what ever. And why the damage is so high. 8 skillers? Perfect Fathom, Dweb, Nwing? Just the thing that makes it pop. Not an equipment thread, per say.
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The highest damage in the LCS and the actually damage done can sometimes vary greatly
Are are asking for max LCS damage for our builds. If so, mine is probably a Blizzard sorc with DF. There are build that can get much higher than that

If you are asking actual damage psec for me it is my pvm 1.11 Fanazealot with 1pt Sanctuary with a Grief PB and Forti . I haven't calculated the damage but he chops everything up on /p8 Hell very effectively. But again there are others that will outdamage my build

5000 max is very good for a ranged skill like strafe and presumably you are playing with the bowazon build build you asked about just recently. WF's min-max range varies greatly so does the build kill. @zemaj covers options to get LCS damage higher for a bowazon The video you are watching may be realm characters with access to the best charms also


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@ioupainmax No, it wasen't a freudian slip. I just wanted to see if anyone reacted upon my **** remark. I don't use *************.

@zemaj Nah, strafe doesn't benefit at all from skillers, since the damage is locked at 3/4. You'd get more arrows though. I'm not so elite yet that I carry 1.07 charms. My stash is filled with my best charms, except 6 slots for picking up stuff.

@TedDeeBoy I was just thinking about the LCS to keep things simple. I know the Greif characters pump out an insane amount of damage, but that has to be calculated. Which also could be interesting, for sure. The video I saw was @Gripphon running Lister with his WW Barb, and he packed 10K AR, while mine was at 6K with full inventory. Now how did he do that, I asked my self. I'll have to rewatch to see if he was wearing Arreats, though. I use Guilliames. I don't have any interest for realm videos.

This thread is not meant to be a "how can my bowa do more damage", but more how much damage does your bowa/zealot/blizz/lf... do, and why? Just a short recap, like I mentioned in OP.
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Blizzard would top out around... 18kish, maybe? I went out of my way to get some max damage gear for my blizzsorc ages ago (15% Nightwing, 15% +Blizzard Ormus) and I think I managed to get up to 16k with 10 skillers. A better Fathom (mine was 28+5%), beta BKWB, a decent +3 cold amulet, and something better from the shield slot (not sure if 4x Facet would produce a larger number than Spirit, although the latter's almost certainly better for actual play) should up that a bit.

My venomancer pat thread is gone from my account getting nuked, but he had 24k listed Poison Nova with beta Bramble. The gear wasn't optimized to maximize that, though - I had 3 piece Trang for the -poison res instead of more +skills (or hypothetically, a magical head with +P&B and +Nova socketed with facets).


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I think that 5k damage is excellent, but how much is it when the merc is dead (who is a rogue with Faith, to my knowledge)? How often does the merc die in general? How often versus Diablo?

This thread is not meant to be a "how can my bowa do more damage"
OK, just so much then: There are several ways to produce a huge, but mostly meaningless amount of damage in the CBF, like starting a TCP/IP game and having a few paladins in the game, one with maxed fanaticism, one with concentration, one with might, plus a sorc with maxed enchant.
@ioupainmax No, it wasen't a freudian slip. I just wanted to see if anyone reacted upon my plugy remark. I don't use plugy.
Reminds me of LoTR, when Gimli fell off the horse and shouted "I meant to do that!!11!" :D


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Damn @maxicek! That's one ultimate assassin. Insane :eek: I LOVE seeing those numbers, a huge reason for why I like trappers so much. LC Sorc can do more, but she's not as cool.

@necrolemming Awesome, never thought Blizz could get that high. Don't think I have ever been above 9K. This is exactly what I was looking for. Hard numbers! :) How did the Venommancer kill stuff with 24K? I have no experience with poison damage, as I think it seems very ineffective, the waiting. But I've been thinking about making one, though.

@krischan 4416 dmg. w/o Fanaticism. I haven't reached Hell Diablo yet, but so far, I die more often than she does :p The Valk sure can take some hits, though o_O My charms are very sucky, but since my AR is very good, I just try to pack as high +dmg. as possible to obtain highest damage. Some are resistance.


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My estimate for blizzard was probably a little optimistic; I equipped what I had on one of my blizzsorcs (Nightwing + Facet, Ormus + Facet, Fathom, Spirit, Arachmesh, 2x beta BKWB, +2 amulet, CtA, 10 skillers) and listed damage was 16k. I'm too lazy to do the math to figure out how much room for improvement there is.

24k Poison Nova damage with -85% poison resist was enough to kill just about anything unbreakable in p8 hell in one Nova. It's probably better than you imagine since the 2 second duration is quite short, and Nova covers the better part of the screen. I imagine you'd be using a lot more corpse explosion with worse gear, though.


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Fireball gets pretty high too. I will check numbers later.

IIRC Dual Dream Sorc is one of the highest, but I don’t have one of those.


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My fire sorc's fireballs showed 16-18k on the LCS with pretty standard sorc gear. It could definitely get a little with some more specialized gear with more facets. I forgot to take a screenshot of Meteor's damage, though.


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I'd say the most single target damage from a given source is a Melee Dual Dream sorc. They can easily hit upwards of 70k+ (I've seen the LCS go up to ~90k before). However, due to damage being a signed bit, it rolls over at 83866. Therefore, the most effective damage per source likely goes to a CS javazon. 24 bolts each doing 3k damage?

Let's also not forget about the necro. I heard Poison Explosion was insane :rolleyes:


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The following values are calculated, including resistance, rather than taken from the character screen:

Wouldn't a plauge javazon or a venommancer obtain the highest dmg numbers on the LCS? :)
Poison and Plague Javelins (Amazon Basin)

Maximum 802,698-805,024 Poison Damage Over 44.8 Seconds (17,933-17,985/s)

Poison Skills Information

1.12 Maximum 63,075-64,271 Poison Damage Over 3.5 Seconds (18,125-18,468/s)
1.13 Maximum 71,992-73,406 Poison Damage Over 3.5 Seconds (20,687-21,093/s)

Let's also not forget about the necro. I heard Poison Explosion was insane :rolleyes:
Maximum 736,848-765,744 Poison Damage Over 41.3 Seconds (17,850-18,550/s)

Poison Javazon with Venom is up there.
Poison Javelin the strongest attack in the game? (Amazon Basin)


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Bramble (+50% poison damage)
He didn't even use beta Bramble in calculations..

Titans (+4 javskills)
1.07 Titan's where you get +5 jav skills, or a Blue.
I thought I had a +6 somewhere ..
Prefix 1238 Ceremonial Javelin of Butchery
Throw Damage: 12 to 83
One-Hand Damage: 14 to 75
Quantity: 46
(Amazon Only)
Required Dexterity: 118
Required Level: 35
Javelin Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x4f9095e4
+40 to Maximum Damage
+2 to Amazon Skill Levels
+3 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)

Amazonskills Torch, Anni
Ahh, but minus these two
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