Good God!


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He ate more burgers in a shorter time than Hot dogs...

I'm afraid of Kobayashi-san :worry:
What if he develops a taste for human flesh?


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have you guys seen the japanese bride and wedding cake eating contests?

now THAT was nasty.

Lord Nyax

You should see this guy eat. He doesn't even freakin' chew, just shoves 'em down his throat. I bet he has to practice supressing the gag reflex. Damn, I bet he sits on the can for hours afterwards, trying not to break any bones pushing that stuff out...

Also, have any of you guys ever seen that one guy...I forget his name, he drinks Beer like this guy eats food. I saw him just goes straight down, no swallowing or anything...
Ugh, my stomach does flip-flops just thinking about eating all that. Although I do think I can eat that 5lb steak that gets shown every once in a while on Discovery Channel.