Good Friday


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Good Friday

It's still Thursday for another ~hour here, but since most of the world has already jumped the gun, I'll create a Fridaily.

RL: Friday promises to be an awesome day.

1. Thursday was the last day of having to deal with The Most Annoying Contractor Ever at work. I wish him all the best in life, I just hope that I never have to work with him again. Good bye, good riddance, and good luck.

2. Friday is my last day at work before my vacation in Mexico next week. I'm sooo ready for a cerveza and a swim in the Sea of Cortez.

3. I may have stumbled across a business idea that is related to something I enjoy doing. I've talked to 4 different friends that have run their own businesses at various points in time, and they've all said "You know, you might be on to something here... if you do this right, you could make A LOT of money :shocked:" I won't go into a lot of details yet - it's still fragile - but I will say that I hope the product will have a little SPF-inspired personality (although it definitely won't be a competitive site, so I don't expect to be banned yet :wink:). I'm off to begin work on my logo and branding (the artsy stuff is always fun).

D2: Not while I'm motivated. :grin:

Have fun


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It's 3:30 Friday afternoon here. I've got work to look forward to and Diablo whilst friends play World Of Warcraft (we're doing a little sharing deal at the moment).


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Rl: its 7.40 am here and im realy not looking forward to collaage today. iv got alot goin on in my personal life and i just cant concentrate proply.

D2:gona do some more pinddle runs.


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RL: since we are on hte subject its 4am here exactly payday friday so i get to go give most of my check away the parts i dont give away the bank drafts so oh well i have a check to give away thats a good thing

DII now that I have my problem fixed in no small part thnx to the help from several of the folks here in the spf Im back to work on my zealer ranger and bow necro.


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RL: i'll probaly do yard work and be drunk all weekend, I'm drunk right now.

D2: Get my Blizzard sorc to hell mepph hopefully so i can get leet itiems you nube


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RL: Looks like its time to start studying for my exams :undecided:

D2: Must find those Gore Riders....


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Keep us updated sirpoopsalot how the business thingy goes :)

RL: Done some work, only 2 hours, im slacking lately, will prolly put in some more later tonight. Or play XBox.

D2: Messing with my Fishymancer in Act2 Normal still :) Not going so fast forward. Ahwell.


Mooncake Festival night is always good!!! Just came back from outside after a party with classmates... Really enjoyed alot with him... Happy Mid-autumn festival people!


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RL: Rainy friday... Playing some retro games under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate or/and tea. Maybe reading a couple Moomin books.

D2: Running NM with my PSN daggermancer and future-Gimmershred-based Paladin. They both have troubles choosing what to max now/after 10 levels...
Terror, the PSN daggermancer does not use CE, so that's not an option. Putting some points into Bone spells for nice damage reduced and wall could be the path for him. The easier way would be Summon tree, I guess...
But Zen, the Gimmershred Paladin really doesn't know what to do. He's using slvl4 Zeal, slvl20 Conviction and slvl10 Conversion and Holy shield. I could go for decent physical damage and life leech by maxing Zeal and Sacrifice, but making him a defense monster by maxing Defiance and Holy shield is very tempting :scratch:


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RL: Same old......stuff.

D2: Brought me pally through NM Mr. D. Dam IM; died three times going through the sanctuary. I just can't run fast enough when I hear that nasty sound.

BTW now that I have zeal, fanaticism and sacrifice loaded what do I do with the other..*mental math*...33 skills?


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RL: Had a job interview this morning, I got lukewarm vibes from it so we'll see how it pans out. It's never a good sign when they say "We'll be in contact with you either way, either by phone or in writing." Phone typically means "yes", writing typically means "rejection letter". Fingers are crossed, and if this falls though, I might have a plan B. I won't know till Monday.

D2: Starting Act 3 (normal) on my CL/FO. Haven't even created a second character yet, and had my first experience playing with ATMA last night. Pretty nifty program. I found my first two greens, the Infernal Cap and Cathan's Mesh, both in act 2. Weeee!

[edit] Beat A2 with zero deaths other than Duriel...curse you, you big sluglike piece of netherworld refuse...

Thinking of starting a Necromancer since I'm almost as at-home on one of them as a Sorc, but now that my sorc has level 6 or 7 CL I'm laying a fair amount of waste and it's hard to put that down :grin:


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RL: looking for a job. No fun.

D2: Still running pindle and still not finding anything good lol.


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RL: There's no RL when you rush dummy chars to HF :smiley:

D2: rushed another set of chars to HF, got last Gul needed for Grief and made my Paladins very happy :wink3: Also finished my PvP bonemancer.


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/rant god how bad can 1 day get spend hours at collage working like crazy so i can get the distictions(spl?) i need for univeristy. end up staying half an hour later than normal because our teacher had a stupid meeting so turned up late.
because of this iv wasted £4 and let a load of mates down becasue i was ment to be meeting them at a gig tonight (but i missed the last bus that will get me there in time to get let in) so now im stuck at home with nothing to do and my parrents nagging at me. sorry i needed a good rant.

you could set up a back up attack agaist pis by putting 1 point in vengence and 1 in conviction. then use the rest of your skills to pump res fire/cold/light to increase damage on vengence AND max res. thats my 2 cents any way


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Good day everybodeh! :grin:

I'm finally back after one week of firing practice and some handgrenade throwing, celebration of the regiment's 375th anniversary and one week of medical service. wasn't allowed to come home over the weekend because my plutoon were in state of alert from last friday until today :angry:. A picture from the anniversary.

It's pretty late now so no d2 today, but now I'm looking forward to some sweet SPF-browsing time :cool:

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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Hope that everyone is having a good day.

Here in Canada, it's the Thanksgiving weekend and so i'm looking forward to extra calories and all that stuff.

As for D2 i'm still trying to find that dang Death's Web ... when will Pindle drop one? That bastich! I'm also running AT and Pits on p1 for one but no luck.

I know, I know ... if you look for it - it won't drop. :rolleyes:


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Happy Friday All! (been waiting since Monday lol)

RL : Just finishing up work for the day...going home to clean the house and listen to some tunes (and have a few) before the wife gets home from work :wink3:

Plan on playing my lvl 61 Zealot (untweeked SP), just got to NM Act 4 :thumbsup:

Then it's break time to watch the 3rd Season Premiere of Battlestar Galactica tonight :thumbsup:

Then play a bit more D2...then watch a dvd with my wife.

The makings of a good night ahead :smiley:

(toss in a few more cold ones and it'll be perfect) heh

Good Hunting Everyone!