Good combos


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Good combos

I'd like to hear some suggestions on good and fun 2 char combos for questing and leveling through the game.
Thank you.​


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Re: Good combos

Probably the best melee combo with a summon necro though is a paladin for the auras.

Meteorb + lightning sorc to tackle all immunes

Barb + Druid for sexy life

Summon druid + Summon necro (a different druid may be better, but I just think it'd be fun to have all those summons)

Infinity nova sorc + Lord of Mages necro, or since conviction AND lower resist may be redundant, you can try replacing one of them.

Enchantress + melee character


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Re: Good combos

Have always enjoyed Bowazon/Barb myself... I guess I'm just old fashioned that way.


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Re: Good combos

Sorceress + Summoner
Huge Area Effects spells + quick transportation via teleport + Awesome Tank

-Static (massively damaging through all difficulties)
-ES/Telekinesis (Safety)
-Orb (good damage with few skill pts)

-Skeles (great physical damage)
-Curses (awesome control & dmg enchancement)
-Corpse Explosion (clears rooms quickly)

A typical play:
Necro: Lower resist / amp
Sorc: static, static, static, orb
Necro: CE, CE, CE room.

The main problem with this combination is that early on, you'll both be mana hogging until you get Insight.


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Re: Good combos

Enchantress + Summoning necro, perhaps, for sheer power.

Not sure it would be that much fun, but it could be.


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Re: Good combos

Hammerdin and Summoning necro... oh! wait. that's not fun.

I guess the most fun is when one can't live without the other and visa versa. Or put it in an otherway. Hell is Hell when the other one isn't around.

So i got these 2 daring build.
1: Tesladin - max HolyShock, Max Lightning Resist, and Max conviction
2: Freezerdin - max HolyFreeze, Max Cold Resist, and Max conviction

Both max HolyShield, and 5 points zeal.

Rest into backup skill which is used in combination with conviction.
Backup skill could be FOH for tesladin and Avangence/Sacrifice for Freezerdin

One Faith merc for fanatisme aura
One defiance merc for awsome defence or could be replaced by thorns merc or the might merc for added phys dam.

Main goal is allways have one conviction aura on. So when CI monsters appear switch to backup and same goes for LI monsters.

Well just a sugestion.. I think it could be fun .. especially on hell.