GOOD build for solo sorc PVM


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Currently soloing with a meteorb in single player. Blizzballer works too. Pretty much any dual element sorc can do it.


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Personally I would go for the Tri-element Sorc (ArchMage) build. You can find that build right here in this forum. Two of them in fact, just browse around.


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I solo'd with a MeteOrb, and that went fairly painlessly (single player, so I played at /p8 in Normal and Nightmare). Once you reach hell, you'll probably have to skip past the occasional FI/CI monster if your merc doesn't have a good enough weapon to kill them with help from your Telekinesis and Static Field, but they're generally not a problem to kill.. I'm doing Hell Baal runs at the moment, and Lister spawns FI/CI about every 4-5 runs, and Telekinesis helps my merc enough that he gets him down on his own.