Good build around Griswold's Legacy ?


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Good build around Griswold's Legacy ?

I like this set very mutch and i,m planning to build a pala around it.
What type of pala would be the best to use with this set? Would the pala be vaible in pvp and pvm or only in pvm. And the last question, what are the best things to put in the sockets? Jewels or runes. I dunno i,m kinda new with pallas. Hope get a responce soon. :D


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hmm i heard a frost zealot works pretty well with the gris setup. However, it has sever limits for pvp and so should basically be used for pvm.
I believe the caddy should be socketed with 5/5 cold facets, the helm with ptopaz for extra mf, the shield with pdiamonds or ums, and the armor with more topazes. It has a good overall mf and killing speed.

Then again i never made one so im only regurgitating what others say =P


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Ive seen a couple of awesome fana zeal pallys using full griswolds, but to really make gris weapon worthwhile its kinda expensive. Alot of the people I see using it have 3 40-15ias jewels in there weapon and 1 Lo rune.


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griz weapon is best socketed with ed/max, Los or somesuch for a pally. 3xed/ias and Lo are a werewolf druids fury socketing.



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I have been reading since the game first came out. I was a co-founder of the Knights Templar, but unfortunately I found that paying the mortgage trumped playing D2, so I stopped playing for about two years.

Anyway, to make a short story long...I started playing again and I love all the new gear and runewords. I prefer PVM and went with a Hyper-Zealot. I use an Act 2 HF merc to make it that much sweeter. I want to get the Grizwolds set because its designed for a Paladin which is what I am (I think having the aura is cool too ;) ). What I love most is that it isn't very popular. In fact, just last night someone gave me the armor and shield for free UNSOCKETED! I am currently using a Rune Master with a single Shael (not sure what to do with the other sockets yet). My thought is that with the complete Grizwalds set, you have more options than any other set in the game. Every class should have a use for the +skills, and the amount of sockets you get make it viable for all builds IMHO. For my zealot, I'm thinking of BER runes in the scepter for CB, PDiamonds in the Shield, but I'm not sure about the armor and helm. I'll have to wait and see how I look with the whole set. I will probably shoot for Jah for the extra life, or if I'm poor (Which I frequently am, maybe IO). I could boost resists, but I think I will be OK once I complete the set and with the diamonds in the shield.

OK, now for the really hard question for all of you experts. What do I do for the rest of my gear? I'm currently using Sigons gloves/belt for the IAS. I want crafted blood gloves for the CB. I have no clue about the boots and jewelry except for the standard Goreriders, Mara's, etc.

BTW, I still need the scepter and crown if anyone has one they don't want :D . I'm on USWest Ladder.

Q: Can the scepter spawn with +skill mods? Cause a +3 Zeal/+3 Fanat would be sweet :D , although probably not in my price range :( .

Congratulations if you read this far. Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading the replys.


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I've seen a really good vengence pally using full griz totally decked out with 5-5 lites. Using the light synergies and either hshock or fana 4 more dmg.

Also I saw a hardcore dmg zealer/charge/smiter(you might wanna go with 1 or 2)using ohms and ed/ias jewels.