GoMUle and Patch 1.10s


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Hello Folks,

is there any reason why GoMule would not work with patch 1.10s?
Everytime I try to add a character to the GoMule Project I get the
"Not connected" message.

Regards, Tom


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among other things it was an intended feature to prevent duping with the release of 1.10f. Blizzard decided to nix it from the final, so it was not a part of the game when GoMule was made. Incidentally, GoMule doesn't work for either 1.10 beta... you will need ATMAIV (I think... might be 3) for muleing in 1.10s (and even it won't work for 1.10a).


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There is a specific ATMA 4 version which I believe I used for muling in 1.10a (1.10s?). Sorry, can't say for sure as it was about 5 years ago