Golemlord questions


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Golemlord questions

After seeing the thread about Windhammer, I saw Liliel is considering making an Iron Golem out of it, and inspiration struck me to make a Golemlord.

Now, I have a few questions:
I have no idea how I want to assort my skills. Any suggestions? I was thinking about using Iron Golem, Golem Mastery, and split points up between Blood Golem, and Fire Golem. Also, I forgot about Summon Resist how many should I put into it?

I have four Windhammers that I could use throughout the game if I were to use Windhammer. Anyone have any suggestions?

Any answers and suggestions are much appreciated.


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Forgot to mention in my above post that my search function doesn't seem to work tonight.

Thanks for the link, Nightfish.

Also, thanks for the suggestion on IK mauls, Lemming.


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NF, have you tried anything with the extra skill points? I was considering playing a similar build (max CE, Golem Mastery, and Fire Golem) and figure there has to be SOMETHING useful to do with those extra points. Any ideas?


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Well, there isn't really anything great I can think of at the moment. (I'm at work) But the golemmancer was one of the next chars I was going to outfit for MFing so I'll see what I can come up with this afternoon. There aren't really a lot of options. For me it seems to be a choice by exclusion of stuff I really don't want or lack points for.

Bonespells (and marrowwalk) are out of it for the simple reason that stuff dies so fast that I need to cast CE pretty much all the time. Plus I don't want to waste mana on bonespells.

Skellies are out of it because... Well, lack of points mostly. And why would I bother spending 60 points on a golem to be another fishymancer?

More points in curses aren't really needed and poison spells don't even deserve their own paragraph... >_<

That pretty much leaves revives, which is what I think I'll get in the end. The only other contestant is putting points to iron golem but I think the returned damage is kinda low. Will still look into it. Right now I'm strongly leaning towards some points in SM and 1+ in revives, though.


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Sorry about longish post. :D

I've been building a golemancer for a while now, he's A5 NM (lvl 66). The main skills are Fire Golem and CE with maxed Golem Mastery. As support skills I've put two points to Summon Resist and Revive and one point in Decrepify to get quicker first kill (and for crowd control) and a few points in other golems for synergies. Got A2 defiance slave for tanking.

Gear is as follows:
Peasant Crown
Skin of the Vipermagi
Magefist (+1 fireskills CE & Fire Golem)
Rare amulet (+1 necroskills)
Rhyme shield:
Mummified Trophy
Defense: 48
Chance to Block: 43%
Durability: 20 of 20
(Necromancer Only)
Required Strength: 38
Required Level: 30
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 55
Fingerprint: 0x1872d93f
+20% Increased Chance of Blocking
Regenerate Mana 15%
All Resistances +25
Adds 25-50 poison damage over 4 seconds
50% Extra Gold from Monsters
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
40% Faster Block Rate
+3 to Summon Resist (Necromancer Only)
+2 to Fire Golem (Necromancer Only)
Cannot Be Frozen
Socketed (2: 2 used)

This is by no means a perfect build but it's very fun to play.

Should I invest in Lower resist to get better output from the fire golem?
Or some other curse?
Any gear suggestions? (especially for the slave)

Any suggestion are much appreciated. :thumbsup: