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Jeez that was difficult to understand :eek:

Of course it's possible, it'll just be slow.
High level golems (Particularly fire) take up _a lot_ of mana to cast as well, so put as many perfect sapphires into your equipment as you can.


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i guess golems are still viable..but its just easier with a host of skeles..and revives...perhsaps you can make an IG with maxed masteries...?


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Main thing with a golemance is to have all the +skills you can and patience as well. I used clay and got a act2 prayer merc as soon as I could get one until I got to use IG...and put points into blood golem from level 18 until 23 (saved a point for summon resist).

Then maxxed out IG and golem mastery back to back...using curses from wands like maelstrom until I had them both done...I stopped my golemancer at level 85 after soloing act1 of hell and getting the staff in act2.