Golebarb question ?


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Golebarb question ?

Hi all, I am building my first Conc Barb (and 2nd Barb ever :)) based on Hals guide in the stickies, and since I get used to Minions other then Merc, I would like to ask about the Golebarb possibility.

SInce I will use all the time Stone armour, my main Golem will be Clay. On swich weapons I would like an advice :

1. Use 2 Blood Moon¨s for 2xLvl 15 BG synergy (if they stack) ? Since CG will get 5pct life per level, this can be probably very much when I have lvl 23 BO ?

2. Use Blood Moon and Oath ( lvl 17 IG) - from IG Golem will get +35 Def per level, and since I will have Shout +23, this can go also extremely high. If the amy is Metal Grid which has lvl 22 of IG, will it negate Oath¨s lower lvl IG or they will stack, providing my Clay Golem with lvl 17+22 synergy ?

3. After summoning Clay Golem, can i switch back to the main weapons (since Stone will be on me always) and then change MG ammy for some other one (and take it again from cube when I need to recast ) ?

4. Since this is Conc build based on High def and Defiance Merc, I will be using, as Hal is advising, lot of Howl/Taunt. If I Howl first, and then Taunt the separate monster I want to kill, will the both Golem and Merc go to that separate monster as well ( I will be needing CG slow ).

I think that with powerful synergies Golem can be of great use, as both BO and SHout will add to its defence/life. If anyone can calculate some numbers of max life and defence, with BO and Shout/Defiance bonuses for my golem, it would be great.

Any thoughts about it ? Thanx for all answers and cheers !


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1. I don't think 2xBloodmoons will stack:( But 1 will give a considerable life boost.

2. The Clay Golems defence is pathetic (20 base I think:() so even with the bonus from IG and Shout it will still be really bad...but if Bloodmoon doesn't stack it can't hurt.

3. Yes.

4. I'm not completely sure what you're talking about...but yes.

This sounds like a really cool idea if you can keep the golem alive. The slow effect is really really helpful, and if you get a Reaper's Toll with Decreipify, the monsters would barely move.


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I haven't read Hal's guide, and I don't know this for a fact, but I was under the impression that golems are pretty pathetic. Or am I wrong? Do they serve some specific purpose? Being an ultra-high defence barbarian, I don't assume that you'd want them as tanks. Their damage will never be good enough to build a character around them. I'd like to apologize in advance if I'm making a fool of myself, and I know I didn't answer your question, but I don't see the point of having golems.


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Rather than focusing on a clay golem, how about making an iron golem out of the IK mauls you find mfing? Sounds like with the def and life boost from your cries, he'd stay alive pretty well. The CB would speed up boss killing unless you have tons of CB already. Does the elemental damage toast these guys in no time flat no matter what you do?


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Throttle said:
I haven't read Hal's guide, and I don't know this for a fact, but I was under the impression that golems are pretty pathetic. Or am I wrong?
Golems do pathetic damage, but do have the potential for very high life...With the Bloodmoon on switch I think the Clay Golem would get around 3000 life which isn't too bad, especially when you factor in BO. Also Clay Golems have a slow ability which is very neat...Even if you have superhigh defence and max block a little extra security when facing Lister wouldn't be so bad.