Goldstrike Arch??


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Goldstrike Arch??

Hi to all! I just wandered if this sweet little bow can be upgraded to hydra bow, it will be BADASS, wouldn't it? In single player, with some tweaks it can probably beat even Windforce...Now what do you guys think?

This is the bow we speak about:

Type: Gothic bow , Item quality: Exceptional
Best Drop probability: Baal (N) 0.041513% , Mephisto (H) 0.040154% , Cow King (H) 0.039757%
Two-Hand Damage: (33-38.5) To (153-178.5) (93-108.5 Avg)
Required Level: 46 , Required Strength: 95 , Required Dexterity: 118
Base Weapon Speed: [10] , Firing Rate: Very Fast: Am/As/B/D/P/N/S
+200-250% Enhanced Damage(varies)
+100-200% Damage To Demons(varies)
+100-200% Damage To Undead(varies)
50% Increased Attack Speed
5% Chance To Cast Level (5-7) Fist Of Heavens On Attack(varies)
Replenish Life +12
+100-150% Bonus To Attack Rating(varies)


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Some people really love GA ... check out the Ama forums because someone did some pretty comprehensive testing on Ama bows and found some interesting things out.

Personally, i've never used the GA ... and I wouldn't spend the runes to upgrade it. But that's not to say that it wouldn't be worth it. That's just me ... i've got other items to ugrade with my precious runes.

Like a WitchWild String, some hurty sticks ...


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A GA can probably pack some nasty punch if pair with LoH and CoH, it will be a terrifying boss / demon killer but then if you have a WF, it will probably outperform the GA anyway with the same gear.


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i just wandered... it seems the best Single Player unique bow to me.
In 1.10beta i had a Guardian Bowazon with Goldstrike and I love this bow, too :)


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I would be a nice Hydra Bow but I don't think its worth the runes. WF is probably better for most situations.

I think if you duel GSA is one of the best non-BM bows as WF has knockback on it and a Faith bow is out of 99% of people's reach in SP.


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It makes a great bow for running the CS, as everything in there is either undead or a demon.

And you're right, upgraded, that thing packs one hell of a punch. I doubt I'll ever have a WF, so it's worth it to upgrade a high roll GSA for me.