Going to School Kills Childern


Going to School Kills Childern

Ok, so maybe not kills them, but its certainly not very healthy to ride the bus these days.

Researchers have found that fumes from a school bus are actually worst for the poor kids riding inside the buses.

Article 1
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Article 3

Article 1 said:
The researchers estimated that the amount of diesel pollution breathed by the 40 children inside a diesel school bus is about equal to particles of the bus's exhaust that are breathed by hundreds of thousands of other people who live downwind in a typical urban area.
Article 3 said:
"In a single day, a child riding a school bus will breathe in anywhere from seven to 70 times more exhaust from that bus than a typical Los Angeles resident will inhale from all school bus emissions in the area," said Julian Marshall, a researcher who led the study.

Something about this just seems wrong. Its a shame there arent more strangers offering candy to give kids a ride to school. ;)


Eff said:
egads! the special ed. buses!
Indeed...the short buses have less volume, thus conentrating the fumes more.

Were the kids 'that way' before or after they started riding the short bus?

(ok, I know what was wrong...sorry..its Friday)


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ive rarely been on a school bus - in a normal school year.

yay! *breathes in* *breathes out*

anyways, i suggest parents take their kids to school, thus increasing the amount of gasoline being used, which will increase gas prices!
to hell with the kids' health, we need to save our money!