going to hell be4 u want to


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going to hell be4 u want to

Bad news guys on one of my 1st baal runs in nm i was leving and right as i did my quest log popped up after i exited i went thru that last secne and i dont see nm games on the join game menu so... Help me out whats the best thing to do???


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Unfortunatly, the only way for you to join NM games now is to enter in the game names manually :(. Do you have any other characters on NM already? If so, quit and log on as them to grab some game names, then switch to your now-hell based character and join those games. If not, you might want to try and manually make NM baal run games, and hope people join.


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Around 75 is fine although it depends a bit on your class, build, and available gear.


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if i'm using stormshield: 73
if i'm using eschuta: 72

this time i waited until 75 so my merc would be able to use reaper's toll.


you can enter it at 60 though, if you find a nice party to play whit and are a wee bit carefull...

actualy, since you prolly got rushed anyway, why dont you try to make it trough hell by yourself whit that low lvl ? speaking of challenge :p