Godly Trapsin?


Godly Trapsin?

This is the build I'm thinking of:

141 Shako (socket?)
+2 Assasin/5% fcr/all res amy
Mageplate Enigma
2x +3 trap/+2 light sentry/2 socket claws (2x shael in on hand, offhand socket?)
6 bo cta/lidless
2x Sloop (rare fcr rings with +5 str/life/mana/15 res all)
Trang's Gloves
Imp Shanks (+18 Str 20% fhr 30% frw fire/light/poison resist)

2x 12%fhr GC
8x 30+ life trap gc's (can't afford 40/too much of a pain in the butt to find them)
20/15+/x anni
1x 5% fhr/5 res all sc
8x 20 life/5 res all sc

This hits:
65% fcr (11 frames)
48% fhr (5 frames)
Fastest frame for trap laying (with BoS) (5 frames I think?)
Max Resists in Hell
12k Traps

Is there gear swaps recommended? If so, please state why.

What should I socket the shako/offhand claw with?



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or get a +3Trap 100Life Ammy ;o

For the offhand claw, you can always go with Resist jewels or +stats.


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08 valk + fast claws = u can use fade
more fhr and fhr so u can switch to sojs or switch gloves to say, bloodfist or ammy to a rare + 2 or maras.

08 valk c/c fade build is far superior to using c/c without fade.

as for sockets, if ur rich and the claw is good enough, 2x 15ias/15resist all on the main hand and 15resist/xx on offhand.

also why not +3 traps +3 LS or +2 sin +3 LS ?


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if you can hit 102% fcr bp with c/c then it's godly ~.^
btw fastest trap laying speed is 9 not 5 if it was that fast no one would be able to get away from stunlokcs


wow dth, for someone who started d2 again with nothing a month ago, u sure got back on ur feet in no time ;)


donation of tyrael's might from a longtime friend helps :D

08 Valk hmm... How much are those in runes?

Ok this trapsin is godly, just not uber godly, +3 trap/+3 light sentry 2 soc are so rare, and expensive, sure if I see one floating around in channels I'll take it up, but really too much of a pain to hunt down.

And Retro, the +3 trap/100 life ammy won't let me reach 65% fcr.

Thanks Luis, but will I still be able to hit 9fps trap laying with only 30% ias on the onhand claw? (thanks Souljah for the correction)

Edit: Shad don't call me by that name *cringes*


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i have no idea bout the trap laying speed stuff, but i do know most of the godly c/c sins use 08 valk and main claw with 2x 15ias/15resist all.


Ok noob question time: Does Mindblast Autolock (Like FOH does... just point your mouse in their general direction and leftclick)?


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nope, but ur shadow does aa mb all over the place.
i think if u mb somehwere and a person teles at that spot they will be hit (witout being namelocked), but im not sure.