Godly PvP Smiter's, I Need Help


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Godly PvP Smiter's, I Need Help

I'm really torn as to whether I should get a Grief PB or BA!
Can any experienced smiters that use BA in PvP tell me how much the extra range really helps? What gear do you use to reach 6fps smite with the BA? How often does the BA need to be repaired when PvPing? I was really set on getting the Berzerker Axe over the Phase Blade, but after seeing that I'm going to need off-weapon ias to reach 6fps, I'm not sure if it's worth it. I was thinking I could use Bloodfists and a Highlord's ammy against melee char's and then just settle for a 7fps smite against casters, while using a mara's ammy. Is 7fps smite enough for casters? Gah, sorry for all the questions I just cant decide which Grief to go with...Help mee!!


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Grief BA I'd say.
The range is worth it - especially vs barbs, and in svs.
You hit first with higher range (in svs) and basically all svs battles are about who gets the first hit.

Off weapon ias isn't so hard to get:
20ias/str/dex gloves
count in the ias from the runeword itself (up to 40)
belt (siggards?)
helm - either ias/res shako or 2x ias/res CoA
ias/re jewel in HoZ if you use it over exile etc...

There are plenty of options you know.