?Godly? Magic Circlet


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?Godly? Magic Circlet

OK, so i was running the pit today with my light sorc, and i came upon a magic circlet. when i ID'd it, it came up with this...

+3 to Sorc Light Skills
7% life stolen per hit
24 Defence

Rq'd lvl 65

my question is this. what should i do with it. obviously the 3 light skills is GODLY, but that's about it. I was thinking i could up it, but would that make the Rq'd lvl go up absurdly high (like 96 or something...). I was also thinking i can socket it and throw something in it. i don't know what though. I'm currently wearing a Shako, and i'm trying to think of any benifits i could have by switching to this circlet, which has much less defence, no mana or life bonuses, but an added skill to my tree. Should i keep it, trade it, feed it to charsi?


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Sorry to disappoint, but that is not godly. Godly would be something like:
+2 sorc skills
20% FCR
20 resist all
2 sockets

As a general rule, something is worthy of being considered godly if it beats Shako.

My verdict: Charsi is hungry.