godly ekip for a sword/shield baba

godly ekip for a sword/shield baba

hey there... i just wanna know if this ekip is fine for my baba:

Helm: arreat
Armor: arkaine with +2 skills
Weapon: grandfather
Shield: Storm
Glooves: ik
Belt: ik
Boots: wt
ring1: raven
ring2: crafted ring with dual leach
amu: +2 baba skills, some res, and some stats

is this fine? :scratch:


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It´s fine, but godly imho would be changing the GF for an eth BoTD CB (cb because this is still a sword/shield barb), using verdungo´s belt instead of IK, goreriders instead of WT, the amulet would need to be changed also to highlords, if PvP then it should also change to an Angelic´s amulet + 1 angelic ring; the arcaine could also be replaced by either an enigma armour or the other +2 all skills runeword...

Still that equipment he has is above average at least PvM... on PvP the GF won´t cut it because of the speed... (any case socket an ed/ias jewel on the GF to hit at least 1 ww breakpoint)...


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i have 2 gf's one with ohm one with ed/ias jewel, they both sucky hella slow :( i been searching for an eth cb for ages and i keep finding magic versions of cb and zerk :(


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Feador said:
but for pvm is GF an alright weapon?
For PvM its really cool,gets the job done. :)

you might want to socket it with an IAS jewel to make it reach the first WW BP,if you re S/S.