godliest enchant gear build around - not playable


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godliest enchant gear build around - not playable

Hello all!
I'm looking for a little assistance on building an enchantress for no other purpose than to pop into my game (running two keys), enchant my player for mfing or uber trist runs, and then exit. So I don't care a whit about stat points, playability, etc... Just looking for maximum plus skills on gear.

Here's what I've been able to gather as the maximum possible, but let me know if there's anyway to improve. Also, I'd really be grateful if there's an almost as good replacement so I don't have to pay an arm and a leg. I'm guessing that the real question in all of this is the weap/shield combo slots. Thanks!!

Helm: +3 fire skills magic helm
Armor: CoH or Ormus with +3 enchant?
Gloves: meh, doesn't matter, does it?
Boots: same?
Rings: 2 plus skills rings
Ammy: + 3 fire skills
Shield & Weapon: Here's my big uncertainty. I supose the ideal would be a +3 enchant and +3 fire mastery in a leaf stave. That would give +6 to all the important skills. But can you get a +2 sorc or fire skills along with a +2 enchant skill on an orb? That could get up to +7 on the combination of shield and weap?
Charms: Fire skillers and anni

Thanks guys!


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I'm no expert, but i believe Magefists give +1 to fire skills, wouldn't that be rather good choise of gloves?


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gloves would def be magefists, +1 to fire skills, good luck on ormus +3 enchant though...

i saw someone a while back with a rare leaf staff +2 sorc skills, +2 enchant, +3 fire mastery, +1 lite skills last patch, not sure if it was a glitched item or maybe the patch took the chance to get it anymore

good luck on that though


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Magefists is a must. +1 fire.
Boots is up to you.

I think I saw +2/+3enchant/+3firemastery orb in a thread around here recently. That paired with spirit would be "cute". :azn:

Not sure about ormus vs coh though.

Dont forget 3 sockets in helm, filled with facets. If you use ormus, you can add a facet there too.


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-magic 2 socket circlet +3 fireskill with 2 5/5 fire facets
-either +3chant/+3FM leaf/memory total of +6chant +6FM ||| spirit + rare orb 2fire or sorc 3chant/3FM 2 socket with facets +7 chant 7 fm and 10% fire dmg. clearly the second is better but good luck trying to get an orb that godly.
-2 soj
-+3 chant omrus 5/5 fire facet

the highest level ive goten was 48 4.kish dmg and that was w/o ormus/jeweled helm or arac


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Enchant does get 9% damage synergy from Warmth, but doesn't that only count for the hard points put into it from leveling (i.e. you can only synergize up to 20 points)? Fire Mastery, I'm guessing, is always worthwhile as it'll up the damage? Let me know if I'm mistaken and I'll definitely keep an eye out for +warmth items ^_^.

Edit: Yikes, thanks for the links. I did do a quick search and must've hit the wrong terms. Should've looked a bit more - sorry!

Edit2: Quick followup. I'll make this just for kicks, but any thought on how helpful it'll be on my 1pt smiter for Uber runs? You can't life leech off of the extra fire damage, can you? I know those big boys' resists are pretty high, but I figure 4000-5000 extra fire damage every whack can't hurt. Does it apply to smite as well as zeal? Thanks!