Go to hell Angelina Olender!


Go to hell Angelina Olender!

After years of putting it off, I decided to join the 21st century last week by getting a cell phone.

When I make a call, it shows up on other people's caller ID as Angelina Olender . . . which isn't me. How do I fix this!?
Where ever you got the phone set up, go back and tell them to update their system. The number was used by her before you got the phone. Should take like 10 minutes to fix and up to 24 hours for it to take effect.


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hehe..you sound like that guy in those commercials..the one who always gets scrwed by technology stuff. So he is afraid to ever update his housewares..lol
Thats funny.

And to help your post...I..have no idea. VILE PHONES! *runs away


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Dude. Careful with your language. God is sending you a very clear sign.

Now go back to the store and find the address of your obvious soulmate.


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You should contact this girl, then turn this whole thing into a creepy pick up line.

Thats what i would do atleast.